November 20, 2013
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Help Protect Dogs from Suffering

Dear Michele,

Can you imagine dogs sold by an unscrupulous animal dealer to a laboratory to endure painful procedures, and dying — all for the sake of an unnecessary experiment? That was the fate of dogs like Shy Guy who were sold to Georgia Regents University by a Class B animal dealer, subjected to cosmetic dentistry experiments, and then killed.

Shy Guy had his teeth removed and replaced with implants. Then he was killed — just for a small sample of his jaw bone.

Random source Class B dealers who sell animals to research institutions round up dogs and cats from “random sources,” such as auctions, flea markets, and other questionable means — some of them were even family pets. The notorious Class B dealer with whom Georgia Regents University is doing business has been formally charged by the USDA with a series of legal violations.

Join actress and advocate Kim Basinger in telling the USDA to take strong action against Class B random source dealers and urging Georgia Regents University to not only stop acquiring animals from these dealers with a long history of unlawful activities, but also to end these unnecessary dental experiments. Watch our new undercover video, and take action»

Wayne Pacelle
Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

Why not use humans to test these procedures?  We have plenty of convicts who are languishing in solitary confinement awaiting their death sentence.  Wouldn’t it be more humane to kill these people just to saw off a little piece of their jawbone?  What you are about to see is horrific. Do not click on the link if this will cause you pain.  “Medical” testing being done on innocent dogs.