• Execution by Firing Squad
  • 1916 photograph of an execution by firing squa... 1916 photograph of an execution by firing squad in Mexico. Caption: “Executing an Enemy – Just over the boundary such gruesome sights as this have been of frequent occurrence during the last few years and have kept alive the apprehensions of Americans on the border.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • After seeing so many men exonerated it makes me wonder why TN would rush to execute humans who might be innocent. If I had absolute trust in men I would accept executing those convicted for heinous crimes. But I don’t trust men…
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    The state wants 10 death row inmates to be executed in 2014, despite questions about its new lethal injection drug.

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    Tennessee is tired of not being able to execute its condemned inmates.

    In what is being cited as an unprecedented speed walk through death row, state officials have requested ten execution dates from the Supreme Court for ten different death row inmates, marking a stark and sudden shift from a state that has executed only six death row inmates since 1960, and none since 2009.

    The first execution is already slated for January 15, for inmate Billy Ray Irick, who was convicted for raping and killing a 7-year-old Knoxville girl he had been babysitting in 1985. But not all of the inmates have been given an execution date, including David Miller, who was tried and found guilty for killing a disabled woman with a fire poker in…

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