Mr. Whitaker have you met yet with Mr. Petro? Have you any knowledge of Colombia’s Constitution? Have you any knowledge of the Constitution of the United States of America? Have you ever heard of the problems some mayors and governors have caused in the US of A, while snorting drugs and running around with prostitutes? Do you not think that the peace process with the Fuerzas Armadas is a topic that has nothing to do with a mayor that has run amock?

Let’s keep out of the internal problems of a nation that has combated terrorists, that have been receiving funds indirectly from the citizens of the United States of America. Let me remind you of our drug problem, which is going to be worse now that Uruguay has become the first nation to legalize the possession and consumption of a narcotic.

Let me remind you of your duty in this nation before our president recalls you back to Washington, D.C.

Let me remind you of the bigger problems being tackled in Syria, Libya, Iran, Israel and all the Arab nations that are cowering behind our soldiers. Please refrain your tongue and think before opening your mouth before spewing out words of wisdom in affairs that shouldn’t concern you.

Elections in the Republic of Colombia are as free, just as they are in the United States of America, except that in the US of A, it is the Electoral College who decides the “real” president of the United States of America.

Good morning from Cali, Colombia
Saturday, December 14, 2013

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