1. “It happened so fast!”
  2. “We didn’t know what was going on.”
  3. Sources say “the bandits went first to Wempe watch and jewelry store.”
  4. They heard the smashing of a display case.
  5. They thought it was an accident.
  6. Customers inside Cartier didn’t realize anything was happening.
  7. A construction worker saw the bandits casing the store.
  8. “They were small, didn’t look like big guys or anything.”
  9. “The were just looking through the window.”
  10. “They looked like they couldn’t afford to buy anything at Cartier.”
  11. They were thrown out of Wempe by one guard.
  12. The guards at Cartier were intimidated by one little guy with a hammer.
  13. The “Time Bandits” were “emboldened because all the cops are in Times Square.”
  14. They left with 16 watches worth allegedly $700,000.
  15. The employees were later seen drinking champagne and wine.  To calm the nerves?
  16. The meeting with champagne and wine was a (sic)”prescheduled” meeting.

Since I was early for my appointment yesterday, when I had to go to Manhattan for a consultation, I decided to divert from my destination to go by the celebrations at the intersection of the so-called “Capital of the World.”

Broadway, already a famous roadway in the island of Manhattan has been renamed “SUPER BOWL BOULEVARD” for the duration of the festivities. I took the sewer line that doubles  as the mass transit of the City of New York to enter the city through its exit on 42nd and 8th Avenue.  What I noticed as I approached the venue where the festivities to the “SuperBowl XLVIII” aka the “OverHyped Dud of a game it will be,” was policemen everywhere.  Most were busy holding meetings on the platforms of the train stations.  Some with canines were confused as to what they were supposed to be doing.  I saw one standing near the Golda Meir bust just looking serene and frozen in place.  Another one handling a canine had to tell him what he was supposed to do.  And after telling him what to do.  He just stood there watching the crowds move by his perch on the platform where the bust of the aforementioned great woman rests.

Looking serene and composed.
Looking serene and composed.
There were other security measures in place that I will not divulge because I’m sure ABC News,  CBS or NBC or FOX or CNN will be happy to inform the public.  

So no one called the troops when they realized something didn’t look right.  Here’s the first line of defense and the public did nothing.

I left the area quickly because I couldn’t  stand the crowded narrow passages created by the displays on Broadway aka “SuperBowl Boulevard” to go to the Library on Fifth Avenue and 40th Street to borrow a computer for 45 minutes while I warmed my toes and fingers.  After my time expired I met a lady who asked me to help her with her internet problems.  It seems her Google+ has been set to talk to her in Hungarian.  Funny since she only speaks, French, English and Spanish and German on command.

After that I left the library to search a fine place to dine in.

  • McDonald’s.  What a piece of crap this one is. I took a picture to see if you recognize where this one is located. Fast inaccurate service.  Ordered:  Big Mac Meal, received a “Wimpy” Mac without all the promised embellishments.  Ordered a simple hamburger and it wasn’t included in the bag.  Ordered a coffee after the card was swiped and it wasn’t delivered.  I refused to take out my VISA again to pay for such bad service.  Seating on the 2nd floor was clean, but the temperature was so low the French Fries became cold and stale.  The COKE, I took two sips of this sugar filled crap.  I finished eating quickly before I froze to death, to dump everything else  in the receptacle.  I couldn’t wait to return home.  I exited the borough of Manhattan through the Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street #7 Line.  I took the express train out of dodge. 
Wimpy Big Macs
42nd Street between Fifth Avenue and Park