Infographic Preview of Super Bowl XLVIII

The Broncos and the Seahawks were  just 4 hours from #SB48 kickoff, and I thought this match was going to be great.  I should have looked closely.   Statistics do not lie.  Again a Super Bowl disappointed me.  All the hype, the media covering just about every angle.  Even Michael Edward Eagan the Cardinal of New York gave a history lesson about Vince Lombardi, a Brooklyn raised lad who left New York City to make men of boys.  Then just before the game started, Bill O’Reilly finally met Barack Obama in a one-on-one interview.  The president of the United States of America, showing us his beautiful teeth, was able to deftly answer Bill O’Reilly’s questions.  I wonder if all the questions had been pre-screened by the staff at the White House?  This interview, which at times I thought was disrespectful, was also the highlight of the afternoon.  And just before the game started a very poignant reading of our Declaration of Independence, was read by those who have volunteered to defend our principles.  Included with those volunteers were the first responders of the last known terrorist attack on our soil.

The game then started and I thought the receiver was going to let the ball go over his head.  No!  The next play would set things straight.  Peyton Manning was in control, he moved to give another set of  signals and the center hiked the ball.  Obviously the quarterback wasn’t expecting the ball to be hiked.  His eyes bugged out as he watched the ball sail over his head.  The ball ended up in the end zone  in the hands of a Bronco.  The Broncos were going backwards.  A safety was called.  After only 14 seconds of play the score was already…Seahawks 2 Broncos 0.