4 February 2014 Last updated at 19:16 ET   BBC News – Michael Schumacher: Coma challenges http://bbc.in/1aqi92k_72741666_michael_schumacher_gettyvv

While some fans are already turning to social media to celebrate unconfirmed reports that Michael Schumacher has started blinking and responding to reflex tests, his family is under immense pressure as they observe the doctors trying to communicate with him.

“Waking from a coma is not like how it is portrayed in the movies,” says Luke Griggs, spokesman for Headway, the UK’s leading charity for people living with brain injuries.

“It can be a very gradual process that can take several days or weeks. For the family, the initial fear about whether or not the individual will survive is replaced by fear of what the future will hold and what level of recovery their loved one will make.”