Christie’s appointments “show patronage at work.”

The future candidate for president of the United States of America and current governor of the state of New Jersey, Chris Christie is now under further investigation by a commission selected by the New Jersey state legislature.

For those who have not heard about an incident named by the media as “Bridgegate,” let me tell you in a few words what happened. The bridge in question was the George Washington. This bridge connects the state of New Jersey with New York State. In a town called Fort Lee where the bridge just happens to be anchored lives a mayor who would not heed the governor’s wishes. Mistakenly an aide of the governor decided to play a childish political game of payback. This aide decided to close many lanes into the approach of this important bridge that crosses the Hudson River. The police happily following the aide’s orders, parked their cruisers with their flashing lights just to create obstacles and earn overtime pay. The traffic jam that was created by these “we were only following orders” lawmen was so unusually extensive that it started to create a media storm. The governor promptly claimed no knowledge of the mess his faithful aide had caused and also promptly released her or all duties. He washed his hands and feet and went to his favorite church to pray to saint of lying politicians.

This saint has also been fired. So…

“It’s beginning to look like the investigation by the New Jersey state legislature into Bridgegate may end up going far, far beyond the mere issue of closing lanes in Fort Lee. They’re expanding to pry open a window on the vast patronage machine and cash cow that Governor Chris Christie has used since taking office in 2010: the New York and New Jersey Port Authority.”

“In an interview with The Nation, Jameson W. Doig, a professor at Dartmouth and author of Empire on the Hudson, a definitive history of the Port Authority, said that Christie’s appointments ‘show patronage at work.’ He added: ‘Christie was willing to use his power as governor to insist that the Port Authority hire his friends and party workers, even if they were not qualified for the work they were expected to do.'”

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