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I just want to make it clear to everyone who commented, shared the photos that appeared on the net in Lebanon yesterday. Yes I did photos for an Austrian ski calendar with other professional athletes 3 years ago. The photos of the photo shoot are not like the actual images that are now circulating on the net. The video and photos that you are now seeing are part of the making off, the preparation, it wasn’t supposed to go public. Anyways, I want to apologize to all of you, I know that Lebanon is a conservative country and this is not the image that reflects our culture. I fully understand if you want to criticise this.

Now that I’m at the Olympic Games, these photos that I never saw before are being shared. It is sad. All I can ask to each of you who saw this, is to stop spreading it, it will really help me focusing on what is really important now: my trainings and race.

Stop spreading it? There is nothing I consider pornographic about these pictures. Why is she apologizing for making a living showing off her physique? Weren’t the original Olympians supposed to compete in the nude? Even the video which you can see in the link below shows her being posed for the shoot. At no time is the videographer shooting an X-Rated film. Maybe she posed to earn funds for her training and travel expenses. Skiing is a rich man’s sport and some nations don’t have the funds to send a bunch of well-off Olympians to Sochi.

How much she was compensated for these poses has not been disclosed.


Tatiana Maouad says…Sitting back in the plane, heading to Beirut ,Looking back at the past 2 days, makes me wonder ,how desperate young and vibrant Lebanese are to find a leader ,an idea ,a cause which will give them the euphoric feeling of freedom, peace and success. This was not all about Jackie posing topless for some Austrian magazine, no , it was about making a voice loud enough to shut down the whole political zombies who have been rotting in their positions without making any change. This is the voice of the true young Lebanese who despite of what they are facing on daily basis, just want someone who can understand them and speak in their names. Imagine, how loud Jackie’s story was , it reached international headlines in a matter of hours, yes , this is because , Lebanese are fed up of the mediocre politicians, who still live in the middle-aged era , where landlords used to rule peasants and abuse powers . It is really a pity to see such energetic people, so full of life and perseverance, being drawn down by some ignorant, barely educated politicians who their priority is how to get elected or how to share the treasures of our country, yes OURS, claiming that they represent us; by confiscating our votes, controlling the media, and telling us that if we don’t follow them we are doomed to wars and civil riots. Who are they to claim such leadership?? And on what basis should we continue to be on a (sois belle et tais toi ) mode?

Some people have argued that this whole issue could have served other more important causes. But wait a minute , what did they do to help promote other causes???? They were busy posing selfies on Instagram and Facebook and now they are blaming the others for reacting on this and not that ?? What a predicament, typical minority. What did they do to react, and who said that now , even Jackie, can’t use all this energy for the right causes, and this is what she should do.

Jackie’s story is just a simple trigger or a ( fasheet khili2 ) from the Lebanese young and energetic majority to all the zombies in power . It has really proved how barriers can be crossed, and how provocative and directed media can be shot down. It has shown how politicians didn’t have the guts to respond back , or even comment , even the olympic committee and all its members were silent, fearing maybe , of other corruption stories that might cripple their leadership or haunt them in their sleep.

Landing in Beirut, like all my fellow Lebanese having to work away from home, with the same feeling that anyone coming home has , looking at the amazing nature from far above and wondering when this beauty will ever conquer the grounds again. Until then…….
The show must go on !
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Sophie Angelo says…I don’t think she needs money, but of course she should not do thing like this for free, they should pay her 1 million for it…nchallah Jackie, bravo pour ton courage.