Croatians flashing breasts at the Euro Cup 2012 and Pussy Riot whipped in Sochi, Russai

Pussy Riot, is a band, who made headlines about two years ago, after being arrested while filming a video for an anti-Putin song in a cathedral.

The band was sentenced to two years imprisonment in a penal colony for their crime.

Their crime was officially listed as “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.”

The official word from Putin’s administration was that while he had hoped for leniency in the band’s trial, he held no sway with the court and it was their decision to make.

The convicted members of the band were released from prison just in time to make an appearance at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Their appearance was a photo opportunity for the Pussy Riot’s band members to shame their nation openly at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.image

To read more about their treatment at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia just click on any of the links below.

Cossack ‘Held Accountable’ in Attack on Pussy Riot

Jelena and Viktorija Miksa, the two female Croatian football supporters, who celebrated Croatia’s victory over Ireland in the stands in Poland by lifting up their shirts to reveal their naked breasts, have become an internet hit all over the world. But one of them got into trouble, as she was sacked from her government job. The picture shows an Irish football fan Eamon Keegan licking the Croatian fan’s nipple.

Do not click on the link below if you are offended by women celebrating by exposing their breasts.

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