Whilst there remain people unable, or unwilling, to look inside themselves to confidently build their own self identity, there will always be those who will willingly do this for them. They come waving their flag, proffering a helpful handy takeaway guide of who you are, these people will continue to hold sway over the many wandering and wondering souls.  Daniel Trump


So, it seems that the people of The Ukraine have finally succeeded in ousting Fmr President Yanukovych, and altering the foreign policy tenor of their country. The ignition point for the ‘Ukrainian Revolution’ seems to have been Yanukovych’s refusal to move Ukraine towards membership of the EU (undoubtedly at Putin’s behest). Meanwhile, in the UK there is an ongoing simmering debate on whether the UK should remain within the EU. The fastest growing political party in the UK (UKIP) promotes EU withdrawal as its central policy. UKIP seem to have a 6th sense of the motivating concerns of many UK people.


It’s interesting that on one side of Europe people are  fighting to get into the EU, whilst on the other side of Europe some people are  fighting to leave the EU. Both movements say that they represent the ‘national interest’, as many political movements around the world do to justify…

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