“Leo has been our fearless protector for close to seven years. He has lost vision in both of his eyes in the span of only a month. There is surgery that may help to restore vision in at least one of his eyes.

We are prepared to do everything possible to help our Leo see again. His medical bills so far, including testing, blood work, and medicine, are over $3,000. His surgery will cost approximately another $7,000.

We are reaching out to our family and friends and asking for a little bit of help to defray these costs. No gift is too small. Really. Whatever you can give will mean the world to us.”1937502_1408324364.647


Hello world I’ve been gone for awhile waiting for anything to write about.  Every day I read about the sad state of our world.  The endless regional conflicts are covered by many and sadly we’ve become so used to the massacres that we don’t blink.  Hopefully my faithful readers will find the time to help my niece’s dog.  Please help Leo.