Shoplifter copyAs I was enjoying a tasty soup and sandwich with Michèle at Pret a Manger,

a counter-serve chain for ready-made sandwiches,  breakfast, soups & salads, I noticed this well dressed woman  knock a young skinny lady out of her way.

The elderly woman looked at one display of sandwiches and moved quickly to another display without caring or realizing that she had rudely pushed the young lady aside.  I kept an eye on the elderly woman because I found her out-of-place in this joint.

She picked up a sandwich, looked at it, went towards the cashiers, placed the sandwich in her blue bag, made a left U-turn away from the cashiers, headed towards the exit, made a right turn towards 39th Street and another right on 39th Street, where she passed by my window.

This  well dressed elderly woman  likes to give herself a  five-finger-discount.

I was about to run after her but Michèle dissuaded me from doing so.  I would have liked to follow her to her place of residence and embarrass her in public.

Instead I’m hoping that PRET A MANGER located at 1410 Broadway keeps an eye on this shifty thief.