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commented on: October 11, 2015 at 11:44 a.m.
No 2014 world Cup, No Gold Cup, No confederation no nothing after 4 years. We have young talent, Bobbie Woods scored three goals in three international appearance last night yet he doesn’t start over Josie who has done nothing. Woods scored again last night you can also include Danny Williams, Jordan Morris but Dr Jekel and Mr. Klinsman refuses to play them. A couple other MLS players are not on the squad because of conflict with Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde. You must bring these players into games like this and not wait. He refuses to do this because of his power hungry ego and that is a faul that is undermining our program. He has insulted our nation or people with his remarks last night. It is time for him to go AND Suni Gulatti who hired him they both have et our soccer program back 2 decades. Our media has to be tough and not let this guy get away with that type of insults.
Soccer Talk By Paul Gardner
Even world-class personalities — maybe especially them — need to be challenged and questioned. Klinsmann is allowed to do what he likes. In a disgraceful display of personal vindictiveness he was, last year, allowed to leave the USA’s best player, Landon Donovan, off the World Cup team. He is allowed to bring in his pal Andi Herzog to coach the Olympic team, a job that should have been given to an American. And he is allowed to scour the world for players with tenuous claims to citizenship, the passport Americans, and to use them instead of developing home-grown American talent.

Talking Fútbol by nycnyc
What exactly is a player with tenuous claims to citizenship, the passport Americans?
Here Paul Gardner is just being a little bit racist. After all what is an American? Is he just someone born in the United States of America or could he have been born in Jamaica by the union of two born in the US of A? Or could this Jamaica born child by Jamaican parents become an American by choice by the process of Naturalization?Which of the three choices is not an American, Paul?
So to use these “un -Americans instead of developing home-grown American talent player is a big bonobo!

But I do agree Jürgen Klinsmann is not the right fit for the national team of the United States of America. E.o.s. 10112015@1118pm

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