“The CEO-worker retirement divide has turned the United States of America’s already extreme income divide into an even wider economic chasm.” Sarah Anderson/Economy Project Director/ Institute for Policy Studies

“These massive ‘nest eggs’ are the result of rules intentionally tipped to reward those already on the highest rungs of the ladder.” Scott Klinger/Director of Revenue and Spending Policies/Center for Effective Government

How can the retirement gap be shrunk?

By ending unlimited tax-deferred compensation and capping tax-deferred accounts. Talk to your representatives about this and ask them their opinion to see if they are really acting in your favor. I doubt if there is one Senator who would try to change the rules for those who hang from the highest “economic rung.”

The median average balance in a 401(k) for 2013 $18,433
Almost half of all working-age U.S. employees do not have access to a retirement plan. Average monthly retirement check $104.00

2014 retirement assets $82,300,000 more than 400 times that of average Joe/Jane. Average monthly check? $463,160

Jeffrey by the way is not at the top of the compensation scheme in the United States of America. I just chose him because I own GE! Stock, that is…

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