2. New York


New York has no parental leave policy, but that’s just the beginning of the bad news for families in this state. It has the overall highest child care costs in the nation, with families paying the following amounts on average each year: $14,508 for infant care, $12,280 for a 4-year-old and $11,352 for care for a school-age child. Care for a school-age child is especially high, costing 22 percent more than the next-highest state median price for this age group.

“If you are a family living in New York, you are likely to pay twice or three times as much for child care than, say, a family living in Mississippi,” said Summer Blackhurst, a child care researcher with Go Au Pair.

New York families also face some of the highest housing costs in the nation, paying an average of $1,990 per month for rent. They also pay 13 percent more for food than the national average, despite a $51,962 median income that’s on par with the national median.

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