At The Docks, I had a good colleague. Like so many others in the workplace, he had a nickname. He was called Brøleaben. The name he got because he always yelled his opinions out so they could be heard all the way from Pier 3 to Moesgård beach and underway got windows to tinkle in Varna.

Every time I see or hear you, I think of Brøleaben, and I’m going to miss him. Most of all because he had something to say and he had something to say and not least had he gnarled fingers and big muscles because he had always worked hard.

In all ways he is your counterpart.

Unlike you I have worked since I was five years. I mean: gone on a job, worked tirelessly and destroyed lungs, hearing, back and hands to get a wage packet home. While I paid tax. I paid, like so many others without property and accountant, just full honey.

The Treasure I paid with joy either and I defended burden against family and friends abroad. I told you about all the security who stood ready if i got sick.

Since 1966 I have worked full time. I paid some millions in taxes, and now that I need welfare it turns out that my payment for my old age and for possible disease is used by politicians.

Now I stand here sick and labelled in body and soul, and I’ll listen to a young some like you and hear you tell me that I’m a freeloader that must take me along.

Your knowledge of life is limited, I know, and I’ve seen you sit and play with cell phone for almost a third of a meeting in employment, so you send some signals a cosy indolence. Something you’re really good at I think.

In your quest for the lowest common denominator have you chosen to throw you over the weakest in society, and now you made it into a business.

In fact it is such that far from everyone can or will take the funds to get to the top in sport, and even fewer come quite so much that they can live on it. You have lived by throwing a ball. And you’ve thrown the far. Not everyone can.

You got published a book that is about to do everything myself and be innovative and everything else modern stuff, you can’t use as kassearbejder in Aldi or as the black sheep. All that you cannot achieve, because it had parents as either neglected or abused een when you were a child.

The world is how screwed together that they are doing the most gets at least, and then there’s people like you who never had a job. You’ve been lucky and it’s good for you. I will not take from you, but you will get in return not gonna be so sweet and kind, to keep you from to lecture me about life and about what we can do to get ahead. Show me and my who made it possible for you to throw bullets and sit in parliament so much respect that you don’t piss on us publicly.

It’s so bloody single that if I hadn’t helped create the society that gave you the opportunity to throw bullets, you would’ve been whipped to do something for myself, and then you would also have noticed that we do not Can settle for being an innovative entrepreneur to arrive.

As the main: without people to empty head, may you shitting my pants…

Yes I miss Brøleaben because he knew what he was talking about. Brøleaben could become angry and outraged, but always with good reason, always based on experience.

You’re a puppy without experience Joachim, and you should sit in a corner with your cell phone and shut up while the adults are talking.
When you didn’t want to sit and play games anymore, so you can go out and find you a job, and then when you have some life experience you’re welcome to come with your opinions again.

Unfortunately, we live in an age where it cannot be done.
There is high unemployment, so you can’t get a job. Moreover, most of the Danish media only interested in pauseklovne, gals and monkeys… So there is plenty of room for you in the media.


Johnny Larsen.