johnlennonLet me tell you a  fairy tale about a Pakistani girl who emigrated to Saudi Arabia with her father.  Years later she finds her Prince Charming, an American, marries him.  She gives birth to a child in the United States of America.  Let’s assume the Prince is the father and let’s not ask Maury Povich to do a paternity test on his show.  Couple lives happily ever after. The end.  No.  Not quite like that.  Six months later the baby is an orphan.  The couple, leave their six-month-old baby daughter with relatives, two hours later the couple is killed in a shootout with police SWAT team members.

Gun ownership pros and cons:

The Opinion Pages  | EDITORIAL

End the Gun Epidemic in America

It is a moral outrage and national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency.

I’m in favor of not restricting responsible people from owning guns.  I have yet to see a gun kill anyone.  There is always a human behind the weapon who does the killing.  The gun is an instrument that needs to be issued with caution to people.  I believe we need a National Identity card where all information about an individual is available to the authorities who will decide if an individual is a candidate for gun ownership.  There should be a waiting period where the individual should attend mandatory safety classes.  If the individual fails to pass these classes  he loses the right to ownership and must forfeit all fees paid.

Islamic State claims California mass killers as followers

The mass shooting sparked a new round of the firearms debate with Obama and the New York Times calling for new limits on gun ownership. Many pro-gun voices, including some Republican contenders for the White House, said the new laws would not have stopped the rampage.

“It’s another tragic reminder that here in America it’s way too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun,” said Obama.

The New York Times, in its first front-page editorial in nearly a century, said it was “a moral outrage and a national disgrace” that the sort of firearms used in the attack were readily available. 

“These are weapons of war, barely modified and deliberately marketed as tools of macho vigilantism and even insurrection,” the newspaper said.

Its publisher, Arthur Sulzberger Jr, said the editorial was intended “to deliver a strong and visible statement of frustration and anguish about our country’s inability to come to terms with the scourge of guns.”

But Republican White House frontrunner Donald Trump dismissed the call for action.

“People in this country and the world need protection,” Trump said in Iowa before a campaign event. “If you look at Paris, they didn’t have guns and they were slaughtered. If you look at California, they didn’t have guns and they were slaughtered.”
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Misleading Cause of Deaths in Children Ages 1-17

Let me see the data to find out how the gun got up and went searching for a child to kill. I’m sure there’s a video of a firearm hunting children. In the hands of irresponsible adults, those who don’t instruct their progeny on how to safely handle and store their firearms, and in the hands of criminals, who could be ages 1 – 17, a firearm is a dangerous object that might be used in a moment of anger or play. So let me look up the data from the CDC to see how many times a firearm got up in the middle of the night or at high noon to kill children.

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