Japan And South Korea Reach Settlement Over Wartime Sex Slaves

The deal includes an apology from the Japanese Prime Minister over the women, who were forced to work in military-run brothels in World War II.

A woman attends a rally demanding a full compensation and an apology from the Japanese government in Seoul, Dec. 28. Ahn Young-joon / AP


Japan and South Korea have agreed to refrain from criticizing each other on the issue in public, and South Korea will also look to remove a statue symbolizing the women who were forced to work in the brothels.  This statue was erected by activists outside the Japanese embassy in 2011. The issue of the sex slavery had long been a source of animosity between South Korea and Japan. The latter occupied the Korean peninsula between 1910 and 1945.

Other women forced to work in the brothels came from China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan.

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