It only took me two years and  eight months to run into this article about color.  It’s interesting  to me because I have trouble distinguishing certain colors.  The Ishihara Color Blindness test is the only test I’ve ever failed.  That test probably saved my life.  Had I passed it I would’ve have been a fighter pilot  during one of our country’s many skirmishes with weaker opponents.  Too bad for the Air Force that disqualified me.  Their loss was my gain.  That however, did not stop me from flying a plane. The Joy of Flying for the fun of it is better than flying for a government or a company to earn a living.  By the way… one of the planes I used to fly, crashed on takeoff from Farmingdale’s Republic airport.  Tail no. N18AV.  No one was killed, but the plane was totaled.

 APR 14, 2013

We’ve posted some other infographics covering the use of colour and the psychology behind it. However this infographic by Carey Jolliffe goes into the meaning of colours a lot more. As any designer will know, colour can have a huge effect on whatever you’re creating – whether it be an app or a poster. With flat design becoming a huge trend right now, colours are bolder than ever. Colours are also being limited to a specific palette to give a sense of minimalism and neatness.