To allow oil drilling, mining and development in Florida’s panther habitat — and to allow the killing of some panthers — in exchange for a promise to preserve some of that land.

and to build a new city in Florida…


Isn’t this a conflict of interest? or blackmail?  The Commissioner (Liesa Priddy) is also the petitioner to allow herself to kill some panthers in exchange for destroying Florida’s panther habitat!?


And what about the Governor of Florida,  Rick Scott who recently endorsed a candidate seeking the highest political office in the United States of America?



seeking a federal permit is Immokalee rancher Liesa Priddy, whom Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointed to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in 2012.

Liesa Priddy’s JB Ranch has lost at least 10 calves to hungry panthers, according to a University of Florida study, with each panther kill costing her $1,000.

Major landowners working with Priddy in pursuing the permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service include two sugar companies, Alico and King Ranch; the Half Circle L Ranch; Pacific Tomato Growers; English Brothers; and the Barron Collier Partnership and Collier Enterprises.”