Euphemistically calling this a habitat conservation plan is pure bull, Florida bull, Barron & Collier bull, simply developer bull excrement. This is just another con job by the state of Florida against a real American. The Florida Panther!

Who will benefit from the incidental take of a federally listed species?  Here are their names:

Liesa Priddy, whom Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointed to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in 2012;

Florida Gov. Rick Scott;

Priddy’s JB Ranch;

Two sugar companies, Alico and King Ranch; 

the Half Circle L Ranch;

Pacific Tomato Growers;

English Brothers;

and the Barron Collier Partnership.

and Collier Enterprises.

One of the petitioners is voting for this plan because she owns the land where she wants to cull, kill or putting it nicely… for the incidental take of federally listed species.  Not only does she own this property, she was appointed to the post by Gov. Rick Scott in 2012 just so she could write up a plan to destroy the habitat of the Florida Panther in exchange to build a “new city” in the habitat of the Florida Panther. To authorize the take resulting from the residential and commercial development and earth mining activities.

Isn’t this a conflict of interest Liesa Priddy?

Liesa Priddy considers the Florida Panther a nuisance because she allows the cat to kill her cattle.  Why not build a HUGE wall, one maybe 10 feet high, paid by the Florida Panther with its blood.  Hire a developer who knows how to make money embezzling it from idiots who believe in the Art of the Steal. He surely can convince the poor and ignorant to vote for him in exchange for billions of hectares for their poor children in this new city the Governor of Florida might just call …Panther City, but… since Rick Scott is such a nice guy he might allow the developer to instead name the city after his favorite charity.

Out of her kindness for just “incidentally killing” a few Panthers, she and the others have agreed to leave a portion of the land they take away from the bothersome cat so that it can roam free around fences, walls, buildings, highways, mining pits, and humans.

Are these new humans perhaps refugees from Syria or rich refugees from the clutter of urban life in the United States of America?

So please let the Feds, also known as …  Fish and Wildlife Service before April 25, 2016 … what you think of this idea to allow the Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife to take incidentally a federally listed species off her land for the good and profit of Liesa Priddy, and her ranch and the other rascals who have perhaps lost not a cattle since some of them grow sugar and tomatoes and the others just hide under a name Barron Collier Partnership and Collier Enterprises.

Information on how to submit comments on the conservation plan is available at

Would there be an uproar if we instead allowed the Commissioner and her cronies in this incidental take of federally listed species, to remove all Cubans who support Fidel Castro from Florida?  How about we start with Miami, Florida, Governor Scott?