Welcome to Vichy America

  • Jan 26, 2017

Pétain portrayed the country as one of “la decadence” that required an anti-democratic counter-revolution to defeat political and economic progress and restore national unity and conventional morality; to return the French people to what Pétain insisted was their true identity.

Sound familiar?

If you claim you want to be president of all the people — especially when you only won the popular vote in your fevered delusions and your Electoral College lead was not “one of the greatest of all time,” but rather 46 out of 58 – you don’t toss together the most reactionary cabinet-level nominees since Herbert Hoover. And don’t listen to what they say in their confirmation hearings; look at their records.

An attorney general who opposes most civil rights legislation, LBGT rights, voting protections and immigration reform; a secretary of education who wants to dismantle public schools with vouchers to for-profit ones; a secretary of health and human services who has relentlessly opposed universal health care and women’s choice and supports vouchering Medicare and privatizing Social Security; a secretary of labor who opposes an adequate minimum wage, overtime pay and workers’ rights; an Environmental Protection Agency administrator who is a shill for the fossil fuel industry and doubts the human impact on climate change; an Interior Secretary who favors privatizing national forests and incentivizing commercial development and oil drilling in wilderness areas.

The majority of the American people, including many Trump supporters, never voted for these kinds of extremist positions. Where’s the balance and unity Trump promised? This isn’t a cabinet. It’s essentially a wrecking crew that will set back America’s promise and progress 80 years.

FYI, following the Allied invasion of France four years later, Pétain and most collaborators in the illegitimate Vichy cabal were tried for treason. So happy ending for the French. Americans will just have to wait their own four years for theirs.

Marty Moore is a freelance writer living in Port Richey.