“A clown car of lawyers, including Giuliani and you’re  effing “a” holes. There is absolutely nothing here…”  quoting Attorney Barr regarding the stolen election theory.  Why then continue to waste millions of taxpayers money doing useless recounts?  To keep the media preoccupied with this distraction.  His, [Tetchy Tubby’s] efforts seem to be working.   Every day, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, BBC, RTN, RCN, and even of course the billionaire’s club of misinformation, Rupert Murdoch’s, British interfering media called FOX News.  I’ve already warned people about the sly fox.
Of course he’s running again!  Now that’s something scary to think, if it’s true.
So who, or why you would believe anything that comes out of his mouth, to be relayed by  Woodward to the masses and in the process earn “millions of pennies” for having written a word for word of “Tetchy Tubby’s” stream of consciousness, that is your choice.
My choice is irrelevant, since no president in any country of the world has made me feel anything but complete disdain for their arrogance.