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You will never know how much of this is true or false.

Lively, likable, witty, and highly sociable; talkative and, as a fascinating conversationalist, they attract a wide circle of friends. People born under this influence have an innately low boredom threshold. Inquisitive in the extreme and forever believing that the grass is greener elsewhere, they need to find continual stimulation to keep themselves interested and amused. However, they are often too clever for their own good and can be mettlesome, opportunistic, and unscrupulous to the point of being tricky and manipulative. This type possesses acute psychological perspicacity which enables them to read people like books. And although they give the impression of getting on fabulously with everybody, this great rapport is often nothing but a ruse— they are in fact egotistical and selfish. They tend to be lazy, concentrating on small matters while ignoring more important issues. They ignore obstacles, finding them beneath their consideration.
Playful, even obliging at times, they hid the poor opinion he has of others beneath his apparent friendliness. They distrust people born under any other sign and consider themselves to be superior to all of them. They have plenty of intelligence and a fantastic ability to pull the wool over people’s eyes. He is so artful that he can even fool the Dragon — who is strong, stubborn, and no fool himself — and resist the magnetism of the Tiger, whom he teases unmercifully.
They are highly adaptable and versatile. Enthusiastic about everything, they spend their time broadening their minds and are especially fascinated with art. They like refinement, originality and luxury. Inventive and intelligent, those born in these years can solve most problems quickly and skillfully, and are able to accomplish much in business. Monkeys shamelessly acknowledge their attraction to money. They quickly assimilate facts and figures, picking up new skills and techniques almost instantaneously. In business it is their opportunism coupled with their keen competitive instinct that gives them an eye for that tiny opening into which only they can insinuate themselves. Once they have instilled themselves, it is their ability to turn their hands to anything that will bring them ultimate success and, in many cases, even make their fortune.
They can succeed in any profession. Politics, diplomacy, industry, trade —-none of them will have any secrets from them. They can try anything and make it work, especially if they have been fortunate enough to have a higher education. Though the renowned adaptability of their personality takes those born under this sign into a variety of occupations, many will naturally gravitate towards show business. This is because they have a compelling need to be noticed. Unfortunately, because they are such audacious people and care very little about their reputations, it does not matter much to them whether the impression they create is one of pleasure or of shock. It is simply a case of the more publicity they can generate around themselves, the happier they are.
Under the influence of the Fire element, he is energetic, self-assured, expressive and truthful, a natural leader and innovator. He has great vitality and a tendency to dominate those less aggressive than himself. He has a powerful competitive drive to be at the top of his chosen field and capable of extreme jealousy, preferring, even demanding, to be in complete control.

Sache qu’il faut aimer, sans faire la grimace,
Le pauvre, le méchant, le tortu, l’hébète,
Pour que tu puisses faire a Jésus, quand il passe,
Un tapis triomphal avec ta charité.

LE REBELLE Baudelaire

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