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Order to kill Native Americans was on the books for 157 years. — November 11, 2021
An open letter in defense of democracy — November 2, 2021

An open letter in defense of democracy

Guest Column

Todd Gitlin, Jeffrey C. Isaac and William Kris

An open letter in defense of democracy |

This open letter was published simultaneously by The Bulwark and the New Republic

From the left, the right and in between, we writers, academics and activists are joining together to defend liberal democracy and confront the danger facing America.

We are writers, academics, and political activists who have long disagreed about many things.

Some of us are Democrats and others Republicans. Some identify with the left, some with the right, and some with neither. We have disagreed in the past, and we hope to be able to disagree, productively, for years to come. Because we believe in the pluralism that is at the heart of democracy.

But right now we agree on a fundamental point: We need to join together to defend liberal democracy.

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Because liberal democracy itself is in serious danger. Liberal democracy depends on free and fair elections, respect for the rights of others, the rule of law, a commitment to truth and tolerance in our public discourse. All of these are now in serious danger.

The primary source of this danger is one of our two major national parties, the Republican Party, which remains under the sway of Donald Trump and Trumpist authoritarianism. Unimpeded by Trump’s defeat in 2020 and unfazed by the January 6 insurrection, Trump and his supporters actively work to exploit anxieties and prejudices, to promote reckless hostility to the truth and to Americans who disagree with them, and to discredit the very practice of free and fair elections in which winners and losers respect the peaceful transfer of power.

The Sage of Tarpon Springs Speaks — October 30, 2021

The Sage of Tarpon Springs Speaks

to support a project that the concerned citizens of Tarpon Springs opposed. She rose to state: “You put a park out there, you’re going to have drug addicts, prostitution, homeless people. That’s what’s going to happen in these parks. Read the magazine Trend, all of you. Read what’s happening all over Florida in Florida’s State magazine. All over the United States! This country has a problem, Don’t make problems in Tarpon Springs. Keep the bloodline coming!

She then predicted the future of traffic in Tarpon Springs on that corridor, which is what the opposition to this project had stated earlier. US 19 North is a very wide road, 4-5 lanes going north and south, divided mostly by grass or islands of concrete where drivers are allowed to make U-turns. When a U-turn island proves to be a “problem,” it is because of the many accidents that happened in those intersections. People are injured or killed when cars are T-boned on US 19. These U-turn islands are subsequently eliminated to prevent future deaths at those spots.

There used to be a U-turn by the Honda dealer on the south side of US 19 that was closed just for that reason. Ironically this spot is not too far from where the Morgan Group has been given a green light to continue its plan to destroy an undisturbed plot of land filled with trees, Brazilian Pepper trees. “There’s (sic) going to be accidents on US 19.” predicted the Sage of Tarpon Springs, a former mayor of the city of Tarpon Springs. Yes Anita Protos bring the blood line to US 19. Let’s see how many motorists are going to leave a blood trail at that project.

What irked me the most of her statement was the undertone of racism in her support for the ANCLOTE HARBOR PROJECT. I’ve recently been up north on a road trip to New Hampshire that lasted roughly six weeks. I did not see any prostitution in NH, no drugs in CT, no homeless in NYS parks. The same I can say about the other states I covered. GA, WV, PA, NJ, NC, SC, FL, VA.

In fact I would like to invite her to the Rockerfeller State Park Perserve, or any other state park in Florida. I’ve yet to be propositioned by a prostitute. I’ve seen many people and none of them looked like prostitutes or drug addicts or homeless. Where have you been Anita Protos?

If you wish to read more about the Anclote Harbor Apartments and the Morgan Group.

If you wish to read more about the City of Tarpon Springs.

If you wish to see Anita Protos words of wisdom.

Anita Protos has a habit of speaking in support of many resolutions.

Early in the morning on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 she walked towards the podium to brag about not being tired to say she was speaking in support of another stellar company.

Pioneer Homes Florida and Southwest Florida Water Management District and the City of Tarpon Springs — September 28, 2021
The Ugly Truth —

The Ugly Truth

by Richard T. Hughes

Just teach the truth about America’s less-than-glorious history.

I have spent 50 years teaching college students from coast to coast and points in between, and while much has changed over those years, one thing has not: an often abysmal ignorance among my students of the less-than-glorious side of American history.

That disturbing reality slapped me across the face anew when, early this month, I asked a first-year university honors class how many had heard of the Japanese internment camps. The reason for my question was the book that serves as the common reader for this year’s first-year students — George Takei’s graphic memoir, They Called Us Enemy.

The young people in my class are all high-achieving students. Racially diverse, they hail from many parts of the United States — Florida, Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, California, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

Given their honors status, coupled with their racial and geographic diversity, I surmised that at least some of them would be familiar with the details in Takei’s book: In the wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the federal government rounded up more than 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, two-thirds of them American citizens, and incarcerated them in “relocation camps,” often hastily built in desolate regions of the country and always ringed with barbed wire and guarded by federal troops.

The government gave these citizens a single week to report to detention centers, forced them to abandon their homes and businesses, and allowed them to take to the incarceration camps only what they could carry. They remained imprisoned until near the end of World War II.

Not a single student in my class professed to know anything at all about this tragic chapter in our nation’s history.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. We witness every day similar ignorance, coupled with a persistent reluctance to acknowledge our nation’s crimes.

Resistance to “The 1619 Project” abounds because it tells us what we may not wish to hear — the truth about the scope and brutality of American slavery and how it still defines the American nation.

Resistance to critical race theory also abounds because it suggests that racism and white supremacy are deeply embedded in the structures of American law and culture.

And resistance abounds to accounts that might make white people feel guilty or uncomfortable in their own white skin.

In fact, too many of Americans habitually resist doing the one thing that might bring healing to a badly fractured nation — telling the truth about race and about our biases. And even as the movement to rectify such dishonesty gains ground, many resort to conspiracy theories, shifting the blame to some mysterious “other.”

The question that begs for an answer is, why? Why such ferocious resistance to the truth?

The answer is at least partly rooted in the myths that Americans — especially white Americans — have told from the time of the nation’s birth.

We have told ourselves that ours is a cho

sen nation, singled out by God to bear the torch of freedom around the globe.

We have told ourselves that the United States is nature’s nation, fully in sync with the natural order and the way things are meant to be. And we have told ourselves that ours is a Christian nation, conformed to the virtues taught by the Christian faith.

Those three myths, taken together, have helped sustain the most pernicious myth of all — the notion that the United States is a wholly innocent nation. It is that deeply rooted sense of American innocence that prevents us from making sure every student knows about the Japanese incarceration camps, or the utter brutality of American slavery or the persistence of racism in American life or the near-extermination of the Native people who lived on this land long before the Europeans arrived.

One feature of the American sense of innocence is the way it divides so neatly along racial lines. Too few white people reflect in any critical sense on the myth of American innocence. Black people, on the other hand, have critiqued the myth unsparingly.

James Baldwin offers a case in point. In his 1963 classic, The Fire Next Time, Baldwin wrote that “my country and my countrymen have destroyed and are destroying hundreds of thousands of lives and do not know it and do not want to know it. … It is the innocence which constitutes the crime.”

In our own time, no one has critiqued the American sense of innocence more forcefully than Ta-Nehisi Coates. “There exists all around us,” he wrote in an open letter to his son, “an apparatus urging us to accept American innocence at face value and not to inquire too much. And it is so easy to look away, to live with the fruits of our history and to ignore the great evil done in all of our names.”

The relation between the myth of American innocence and the way we as a culture tell American history is symbiotic. A refusal to fully acknowledge the negative side of American history sustains the sense of innocence, while the conviction that the United States is an innocent actor in a world of evildoers mandates that we teach children only the good and uplifting stories about America’s past. Baldwin saw that point, too. “These innocent people,” he wrote, “(are) trapped in a history which they do not understand; and until they understand it, they cannot be released from it.” But “these innocent people,” he continued, could not afford to grapple with the truths of their past for fear of losing “their identity” as a noble and innocent nation.

Mental health workers grasp the fact that the broken human psyche can never heal until the person in question rejects the lies one is tempted to tell about one’s self and embraces reality instead.

Likewise, the United States will never heal from its deep racial divide until all Americans tell the truth about race, the truth about our history, and the truth about ourselves — the bad along with the good — and reject the myth that the United States is a perpetually innocent nation.

Richard T. Hughes is the author of “Myths America Lives By: White Supremacy and the Stories that Give Us Meaning.”

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This 1942 black-and-white photo provided by the National Archives shows Japanese citizens gathering at a train, which will take them from the Santa Anita assembly camp in California to the internment camp at Gila River, Ariz., in 1942.National Archives Associated Press

A view of the World War II Japanese-American internment camp at Tanforan, Calif. Not one student in my class knew anything about this tragic chapter in our history.Associated Press

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Woodward being interview by MSNBC, —

Woodward being interview by MSNBC,

“A clown car of lawyers, including Giuliani and you’re  effing “a” holes. There is absolutely nothing here…”  quoting Attorney Barr regarding the stolen election theory.  Why then continue to waste millions of taxpayers money doing useless recounts?  To keep the media preoccupied with this distraction.  His, [Tetchy Tubby’s] efforts seem to be working.   Every day, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, BBC, RTN, RCN, and even of course the billionaire’s club of misinformation, Rupert Murdoch’s, British interfering media called FOX News.  I’ve already warned people about the sly fox.
Of course he’s running again!  Now that’s something scary to think, if it’s true.
So who, or why you would believe anything that comes out of his mouth, to be relayed by  Woodward to the masses and in the process earn “millions of pennies” for having written a word for word of “Tetchy Tubby’s” stream of consciousness, that is your choice.
My choice is irrelevant, since no president in any country of the world has made me feel anything but complete disdain for their arrogance.

Dave Bautista Adopted Two Abused And Neglected Pit Bulls From Shelter 11/2019 — September 24, 2021

Dave Bautista Adopted Two Abused And Neglected Pit Bulls From Shelter 11/2019

Sent from Mail for Windows had a story yesterday about Dave Bautista, I don’t know Dave Bautista, but what he did to help these two animals is commendable. The only problem with the report on Bay New Nine is that the report did not specify when Dave adopted his dogs.

Perhaps, the $5,000 he donated to find the person responsible for abusing a dog is current and the choice he made to adopt this white and grey puppy is happening in September 2021.

Read more and search more to find the cretin that abused this puppy.

Note: I do not recommend taking physical action against the abuser. If you find him/her just report him to the authorities and let them do their job to bring justice to the abused puppy.

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