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Welcome to the border, Mr. President — February 17, 2019

Welcome to the border, Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

We welcome you t our community here in South Texas along the Rio Grande, which connects the United States to Mexico. I wish you could visit us.

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Best color vision in the wild? Is it man? —

Best color vision in the wild? Is it man?

Based on research conducted with captive Harris’s hawks, biologists at Sweden’s Lund University discoved that these birds have the best color viosion of any anmimal tested to date.

Best color vision in the wild? Does it exclude man from this research?

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South of the Lake or Mar-a-Lago A T & T? Which one should you visit for customer service? — February 10, 2019

South of the Lake or Mar-a-Lago A T & T? Which one should you visit for customer service?

Being in Texas at an AT& T store and still waiting over an hour and twenty five minutes after being placed on the cue by  a greeter.  “You’ll be taken care of shortly.”  Yeah…shortly.iu

I see now why the wait is so long.  The employees of the Southlake AT&T do only one task at a time.   They kill time before their lunch breaks. The greeter kills more time by going to a man sitting by a desk to speak to him before leaving on his lunch break.

Finally I notice the man at the desk  with a customer. By now the greeter has walked out and returned minutes later with his lunch in a bag, to banter again with the man at the desk.  “Why do these people kill so much time?  Is there a manager on duty today?

Finally a woman walks over to me.  I’ve seen her talking to customers for over one hour. I ask her to speak  to the AT&T account owner.  I beg her to wait for one second.

She waits impatiently  when I ask her to speak to the AT& T account owner. The annoyance of having to do a little customer service is too much to bear for this woman.

“You only need an authorization,” she says forgetting or neglecting to tell me about a pin number.  Since that’s all I need to transfer out of Verizon Wireless to AT&T I release her to the same table with the woman with two children who have been horsing around the store.  She rushes over after placing me on the cue again. Instead of placing me next on the cue, she adds my name to the bottom of the list.

I continue to play with all the SAMSUNG products, testing everything without signing in to my Twitter account to seek help from AT&T.

Approaching the 2 hour mark and still observing this store’s employees still working hard at doing nothing, and hearing a Russian woman screaming in into her phone while talking to someone on the other end, about a man and his luxury SUV.

At this point my patience is wearing thing.  I dare approach the man at the desk, who  refers me to Rod, the manager.

Now the minutes keep ticking by, as I wait yet at  another line created by the manager. He is ROD, “the manager.”  He glances at me but ignores me, turning his back to me to face his  fresh line of “customers” that continue to walk in.  I have been waiting an eternity to transfer an iPhone from my current LG flip phone a“dinosaur,” by today’s standards.

By now I’ve spoken to two men and a woman who  have told me I need an authorization from the AT&T owner of the account. The woman spent two minutes telling me “all” I would need to complete the transfer from my dinosaur flip phone to the iPhone.

The manager finally turns to lean over me.

He’s about ten feet taller and heavier than a giraffe,  I’m exaggerating about his weight and height, in case AT&T doesn’t get my sarcasm. He kindly asks to hear my “problem.” Well by now he should have noticed that a man wearing a red jacket a holding an orange cap had been growing roots into the ground. I asked for an apology for delaying me here at the 1431 E. Southlake shack.

Mobile phone carrier providing cell phones and service plans.

It’s not at the Southlake Town Square!  It’s across the street from Southlake Town Square (STS).


I should’ve known when I parked by the T-Mobile at Southlake Town Square that it was odd not to see any other telecommunications stores nearby.  Especially an AT&T store, since that’s the one I needed to be using.  Amazingly,   AT&T is not even on the map of the  Southlake Town Square shopping center.  Maybe AT&T should correct this or have the STS mall correct it for them?

The gigantic manager asked what problem I had.  The problem I had,  was wasting time waiting for this store to place me next on the electronic cue, and not even apologizing for the inconvenience, I told Rod the manager. There still was a man’s name before mine on the list who had entered the store after me.  I wanted to be placed next on the list.

“So what do you need? he asked me again. “First an apology and then being placed on the list ahead of the line,” I explained.

He orders me to sit down by the red or orange or since I’m color challenged it could be green or brown couches across from another gigantic TV screen that nobody is caring to watch. All I see is white uniforms and black bodies from a distance. He leaves me perplexed when he walks away without a hint of an apology.  Now it’s my turn to seek help from AT&T through Twitter.

Let’s see if AT&T really cares about its walk-in customers.  I continue to play with the phones as I walk counterclockwise around the store testing the products that don’t need a salesman. What seems an eternity Cameron finally makes eye contact with me. Once again I’m asked how can I be helped?  This is the man at the desk who told me to talk to his manager about putting me at the top of the cue.

I’m tired and now hungry for food, after waiting an eternity doing nothing but testing other companies’ products.

I finally think I’ll be done serving my time at Southlake’s AT&T! Nope…now I need additional information that I could have retrieved ages ago. I ask C to please write everything I’ll need plus his card and the code to reach the appointment line. I tell C that I’d rather go eat, than to simmer longer on an empty stomach. Not even a drink of H2O was proffered. What kind of “managers” does AT&T promote from within.  Or who do they hire?1230081122a

I worry about the little knowledge and care Manager Rod will give his customers today and in  the future; if he’s not sent for training.

Hate to see what he does to someone with disabilities. Maybe one can be arranged by AT&T.

Paradoxically, extreme cold spells could become more frequent as the Arctic warms along with the rest of the planet. — February 2, 2019

Paradoxically, extreme cold spells could become more frequent as the Arctic warms along with the rest of the planet.

aerial view atmosphere clouds cold front
Photo by Pixabay on

“The polar vortex is a low-pressure mass of cold air that swirls perpetually above Earth’s polar regions. There’s one in the Northern Hemisphere — the one responsible for the recent cold spell across the U.S. — and another in the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s normal for the Arctic polar vortex to expand in winter, bringing colder air to lower latitudes. But sometimes the polar vortex weakens, and the fast-moving current of air known as the Jet stream shifts, allowing the vortex to drift southward to cause unusually cold temperatures in those areas.

“That cold air that was stuck over the Arctic gets moved south, into the actual continental United States,” David Kanter, an assistant professor of environmental studies at New York University, told NBC News in a video interview.

Paradoxically, extreme cold spells could become more frequent as the Arctic warms along with the rest of the planet.

“Arctic warming leads to a weaker jet stream, which leads to more extreme winters,” Kanter said. So the notion that global warming would “rescue” us from cold weather extremes — something President Donald Trump alluded to in a recent tweet — is misguided. As Kanter put it, “We’re going to see more extremes as the climate continues to warm.”

The Aqua satellite has been orbiting Earth since 2002. Its instruments create a global map of atmospheric phenomena, including temperature and humidity, cloud heights and the concentrations of carbon dioxide and the other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.”


Women, playing with a dangerous beasts. — January 14, 2019

Women, playing with a dangerous beasts.

Deasy Tuwo, 44, was was attacked by a 17ft long crocodile after being dragged into its enclosure while she fed it.

Deasy Tuwo was giving the crocodile lumps of meat last Friday morning, January 11, 2019,  in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Allegedly, Merry, as the beast was happily known, stood on its hind legs and leapt up an 8ft high concrete wall to pull the researcher into the shallow water.

“Horrified staff at the facility, named CV Yosiki Laboratory, made the grim discovery at around 8.45am when they noticed a ”strange shape” in the water. They then saw the crocodile – which had previously killed another croc that shared its pool – laying on the ground with Deasy’s savaged body in its jaws.”

Warning:  Do not look at the video of the recovery of the mangled body of the scientist, if you’re queasy.  The body will be brought up abruptly with her body flipping violently over the short wall.

A wall gave this scientist a false sense of protection.


Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution —
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