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Happy is the man who finds his grave. — May 7, 2017

Happy is the man who finds his grave.

Yesterday while enjoying a mini Greek Salad with a side of Grilled Chicken and a car show in a small town in Florida, the revelry of seeing people walking by Toula’s was broken as I was finishing my meal.  I heard two quick shots, within one second of each other.  I stayed seated waiting to see the reaction of the crowd.  They had frozen in place  as if waiting for instructions from someone to flee.  Those working the diner had all stepped to the door to look towards the right, where they thought the noise was from a car that had backfired.IMG_0471

I kept my Canon with the 100mm lens ready to see who would come running by.  I saw a tall man running away from the noise, later two more ran towards the noise.  The woman trailing the faster man.IMG_0473

I continued eating and drinking my water, till I saw Michele by the plate glass window trying to see the commotion to the right of Toulas.  I asked her if she had purchased the T-shirts she had so much admired while we ate lunch.  She had placed an order with the lady I have always associated as being Toula.IMG_0526

I told Michele I was going to see who had died. The crowd was amassed on the four corners of a busy main street and the Pinellas Trail.  Yellow, “police do not cross”  tape was being placed by an officer.  The man who was the emcee of the car show was trying to shame the people from taking film of a dead man being given CPR by two policemen.  I debated two seconds to see if I should take a few pictures of this scene.IMG_0536

Living in New York City, I had never encountered a dead man lying in the street.  I had however seen one in South America as I was being driven higher in altitude, towards the cool mountain air in Cali, Colombia.  This man was so dead, no one was giving him CPR.  Unlike this incident in Tarpon Springs, no one was filming and no one was hanging around waiting for the policemen to arrive.IMG_0542

That day I also had a camera in hand, but the shock of seeing someone dead while driving by interfered with my role as an observer with a camera.

You may read about the developing facts of this shooting in the Sunday May 7, 2017 edition of the Tampa Bay Times.IMG_0541.JPG

Why the title of this entry?  Happy is the man who finds his grave.©May 7, 2017  I don’t know why this thought or title has been resonating in my mind.  I think I heard it while taking a shower listening to my Ipod, and if not, then it’s going to become the title of my book after I finish the first one titled My Mango ©1968IMG_0549

Going to the Faire in Connecticut? — April 30, 2017

Going to the Faire in Connecticut?

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OASIS,/ Julio 05 de 2012 sent by: Alberto Angel

0315011516aThu 7/5/2012, 4:42 PM


Dicen que hay tres clases de personas: los seres idealistas, los derrotistas y las personas realistas.

Los primeros se nutren de fantasías y, algún día, los golpes de la vida los aterrizan y fácilmente van al polo glacial del conformismo.

Los pesimistas consumados son incapaces de disfrutar la luz del sol por estar pensando en la oscuridad de la noche.

Son seres lúgubres que en un hermoso pañuelo con una pequeña mancha sólo ven la mancha.

Las personas realistas saben que la vida es como un claroscuro de Rembrandt o de Caravaggio.

Saben que luz y sombra, riqueza y pobreza son dos caras de la misma moneda y que ninguna es mala o buena de por sí.

Las personas realistas buscan lo mejor sin los delirios y el estrés del perfeccionista.

Tú escoges cuál rol desempeñas y ojalá elijas asumir con fe, amor y esperanza todo lo que la vida le ofrece.

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No raise for adjunct instructor — February 19, 2017

No raise for adjunct instructor

In Career Questions and Answers by Marie G. McIntyre, Tribune News Service  (TNS), the above title caught my eye.  Why did I find this article interesting?  First read this article and then wait for a day for the continuation of my experience in this field.

Q. Ten years ago, I became an adjunct instructor at a local university. At that time, the going rate for adjuncts was $2,500 per semester for each class taught. Amazingly, our pay hasn’t increased one penny since. An older instructor says he received the same amount 20 years ago.

Whenever someone asks about increasing pay for adjunct faculty, management replies that they need to control costs. Yet somehow administrators and professors seem to get raises on a regular basis. From what I hear, this also happens at other universities. Any thoughts about how to fix this?

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