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Dennis Muilenburg Boeing’s CEO has resigned. — December 24, 2019

Dennis Muilenburg Boeing’s CEO has resigned.

Boeing CEO Dennis 20170607_124546Muilenburg, who initially blamed pilot error as the cause of the 737 Max crashes, has resigned. The two crashes, one off the coast of  Indonesia and the other in Ethiopia killed 346 people.

Investigators said the pilots were unable to regain control in both crashes, after a faulty sensor caused the plane’s new automated MCAS flight-control system to push the nose of the plane down.

A change in leadership was needed to restore confidence in the company, as it works to repair relationships with regulators all over the world.

In December, the head of the Federal Aviation Administration expressed concern that Boeing was pushing for an unrealistically quick return of the grounded Max. 

Last week, the crisis inside the company deepened when Boeing announced
it will suspend production of the Max 737 in January.

And in another setback for Boeing their new Starliner space capsule went off course when it did not reach the orbit of the International Space Station in an unmanned test flight.

Boeing said Muilenburg will depart immediately and the board’s current chairman, David Calhoun, will take over as CEO on Jan. 13. The company declined to make Calhoun or other executives available for comment.


Do cheaters always win? How to enforce fair play in MLB? — November 29, 2019

Do cheaters always win? How to enforce fair play in MLB?

Sports Illustrated December 2, 2019 Volume 130 No. 34 SI.COM @SINOW


Allegations against the ASTROS may taint their title and have heightened fears about technology by TOM VERDUCCI

First the answer to the question.  NO!  Cheaters sometimes lose.  How do you enforce fair play?  You can not really enforce fair play.  Every stadium has different dimensions, wind currents, orientations, turfs, soil, fences, foul areas, and the home team normally has the advantage because of the fans and the fact that they play and practice more at their home field.

My solution is to raise the pitcher’s mounds to 1960-70 standards.  Allow batters to interfere when running down the base paths.  Create parallel basepaths between home and first and home and third base.  The batter should have the advantage if he made contact with the ball or if the pitcher threw wildly or if the catcher didn’t catch it.

Let the runner change from inner to outer base path but not outside the base path.  If runner steps out of his path because of interference from an opponent he is then considered out if he does so to avoid a tag.

Pitchers should have a repertoire that can change for each batter.  Only two pitches may be the same, but the pitcher must throw a sequence that includes at least a fastball, a slider, a curve ball, a screw ball, a knuckleball, an offspeed, a sidearm and whatever else the pitcher can throw.

So a sequence could be slider, curve, fast, fast.  If the batter was not struck out or if he’s still alive,  the pitcher must throw still the slider, curve,and fastball but this time the pitcher can change the repeated pitch.  So the next four pitches could be curve, curve, fast, slider.  How the catcher and pitcher communicate what is being thrown, is left to them to figure out.

Memory, signs, electronic signal, noise, sun position, moon phase, name of batter, etc.  The only constant is the three pitches the batter has to figure out every fifth pitch thrown.  Simple? NO, but don’t let them officiate this game out of existence.

There’s nothing so boring as NFL referees throwing five consecutive flags against the Jets v. Cowboys game, or the slowdown that takes place in every NBA games in the fourth quarter, or the flopping that World Cup players from Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Colombia, Senagal, etc do at every match.

So I recommend you read this intriguing article by Tom Verducci in Sports Ilustrated.0921031147





Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds! — January 30, 2019

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds!



Sadly one courier did not survive his appointed round when the temperatures plummeted in early 2019.  Read about the Polar vortex deaths in the United States of Amerrrrrrrrrrica.  Brrr baby it’s cold outside.

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What did you come here to accomplish? — January 1, 2019

What did you come here to accomplish?

I came here to become a better person than I was at birth.  [I came to die with a soul that is nobler and purer than the one I was born into, no matter how slight the improvement.]

Kazuo Inamori


IM Imagine Museum

At the library in Tarpon Springs, I had chosen the museum pass for The Holocaust Museum.

“Do you  want to visit this museum?  I handed the pass to her. “Where did you get this?”

She came back with a pass for the Imagine Museum.  I had seen that pass and ignored it thinking it was a children’s museum.  “It looks interesting, but we only can check one out per family.”

Fascinated by the glasswork, I vowed to return with a camera.  I had asked at the desk and was allowed to bring my camera on my next visit.

See more at:

WWW. IMAGINEMUSEUM.COM 1901 Central Ave., St. Petersburg FL 33713      727.300.1700

Closed on Mondays

See additional photographs at




My 95 year-old neighbor passed away — December 30, 2018

My 95 year-old neighbor passed away

Sparky, his 21 year-old chihuahua, was put to sleep a few days before Victor fell down and broke his hip. The operation was a success, so say the medical professionals.  His house was put on the market yesterday.  Life is so short and death is sometimes too quick.

The Dali Museum was doing an architectural tour of the edifice that holds their treasure. I ddn’t know I would be arriving just in the nick of time to join the docent tour.  “Are you arriving with  a guest today? an attractive woman asked me.  I looked to my side if a woman had suddenly attached herself to me.  It has happened to me before but this time I said.  “No, not today.  But if she wasn’t waiting for me at the desk after parking the car, then I think I lost her.”  She cracked up with laughter.  I don’t think I’m usually funny but I guess after all the tragedy around us, laughter or making someone laugh without trying is good for the soul.  My soul.


After the tour ended, I asked the docent if she could point me to the painting she referred as being created using the Fibonacci sequence.  I had seen this one many times and never noticed what she had pointed out during the tour.

Normally I avoid docent tours, I’m too restless to follow slowly a bunch of tourists with their cameras.  Don’t mind, me but most of the times, I’m the tourist doing the Japanese way of visiting a country.  Picture after picture after picture…

I thanked the docent for her tour and hazarded asking her,  “Do you know where the “Holocaust Museum  is located.”  She wasn’t sure, but she knew a trolley stop where you can hop on and off to see all the sights without having to burn any calories.  She referred me to the desk, and of course I went straight to my woman at the desk.  She wasn’t sure.  “There are pamphlets across the aisle from the bathroom.” she said.

I know those files with thousands of little cards with  maps the size of a flea.  I couldn’t find anything, which isn’t unusual for a man.  To my left two ladies opened a door and both had badges on theirt chest.  Both knew but one stopped to decipher the map.  She game me a good idea of where it was located.  “Don’t you have your phone on you?” “No” I answered.  “I left it at home.”  Sometimes I don’t carry a phone with me, that’s true.  But in reality I did have it in my shirt’s pocket.  I was too embarrased to show her my phone. A dinosaur of a phone with a solid keyboard for texting!  Too bad I don’t do much of that either. Then she said, “You can’t miss it!”  Oh boy I thought, now I know I’m going to miss it. It’s on Central Avenue around 4th or 5th street.

As I approached 3rd and Central Ave, I made a left then a right and parked by the first open spot on the corner of 5th Avenue and 2nd Street.  I walked like a tourist looking to my right at the YMCA building.  I convinced myself not to take any pictures.  I arrived at the next corner 3rd Street to see a man screech to a stop on his bicycle.  I said, “I bet you know your way around this area.”  “What can I help you my man,”he said.  He pointed me in the wrong direction back towards the Dali Museum.  I followed his exact instructions to end up at another corner to ask a man with a woman the same question.  From the vantage point we were standing he pointed to a building on the left.  It’s either the first white one or the second.  His girlfriend was already walking away from us, back to her building.


I crossed the street, took a picture of them walking hand in hand. Reached the original corner where I asked the cyclist and voilà there was the holocaust museum.  If I hadn’t asked for directions I would have seen the Holocaust Museum.


Alicia: My Story by Alicia Appleman- Jurman

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Happy is the man who finds his grave. — May 7, 2017

Happy is the man who finds his grave.

Yesterday while enjoying a mini Greek Salad with a side of Grilled Chicken and a car show in a small town in Florida, the revelry of seeing people walking by Toula’s was broken as I was finishing my meal.  I heard two quick shots, within one second of each other.  I stayed seated waiting to see the reaction of the crowd.  They had frozen in place  as if waiting for instructions from someone to flee.  Those working the diner had all stepped to the door to look towards the right, where they thought the noise was from a car that had backfired.IMG_0471

I kept my Canon with the 100mm lens ready to see who would come running by.  I saw a tall man running away from the noise, later two more ran towards the noise.  The woman trailing the faster man.IMG_0473

I continued eating and drinking my water, till I saw Michele by the plate glass window trying to see the commotion to the right of Toulas.  I asked her if she had purchased the T-shirts she had so much admired while we ate lunch.  She had placed an order with the lady I have always associated as being Toula.IMG_0526

I told Michele I was going to see who had died. The crowd was amassed on the four corners of a busy main street and the Pinellas Trail.  Yellow, “police do not cross”  tape was being placed by an officer.  The man who was the emcee of the car show was trying to shame the people from taking film of a dead man being given CPR by two policemen.  I debated two seconds to see if I should take a few pictures of this scene.IMG_0536

Living in New York City, I had never encountered a dead man lying in the street.  I had however seen one in South America as I was being driven higher in altitude, towards the cool mountain air in Cali, Colombia.  This man was so dead, no one was giving him CPR.  Unlike this incident in Tarpon Springs, no one was filming and no one was hanging around waiting for the policemen to arrive.IMG_0542

That day I also had a camera in hand, but the shock of seeing someone dead while driving by interfered with my role as an observer with a camera.

You may read about the developing facts of this shooting in the Sunday May 7, 2017 edition of the Tampa Bay Times.IMG_0541.JPG

Why the title of this entry?  Happy is the man who finds his grave.©May 7, 2017  I don’t know why this thought or title has been resonating in my mind.  I think I heard it while taking a shower listening to my Ipod, and if not, then it’s going to become the title of my book after I finish the first one titled My Mango ©1968IMG_0549

What is wrong with this picture? — April 4, 2017

What is wrong with this picture?

Three beautiful women walked into Dunkin’ Donuts in Tarpon Springs.  The one on 1143 South Pinellas Ave, 34689.  By the “T” formed by Meres Boulevard and South Pinellas Avenue (aka Alternate 19).

The three you see in this picture.


Would you think these Tarpon Springs High School women are entitled to park in the handicapped space in front of the Dunkin Donuts?

0404070736Do you see what’s hanging from the rearview mirror? Do you think it belongs to the driver of this SUV?

All looked to be in good shape, with no visible signs of a physical or mental disability.


I noticed their car parked at the High School on Gulf Road less than a mile from the Dunkin’ Donuts.  I deliberately drove by to verify if they were from Tarpon Springs.0404070808I did notice one handicap.  The driver had trouble trying to open her door with all the food she had bought for herself.  So, I guess a food handicap qualifies for a handicap parking permit in Tarpon Springs.0404070755

The first sentence in this post is false.  The word beautiful should be erased.

Three women parked in front of Dunkin’ Donuts in Tarpon Springs.  They all jumped out quickly, walked briskly into the restaurant, ending behind a man wearing black riding pants.  His racing bike was leaning on the handicapped pole where these women had left their vehicle.  He stared at them and all three stood there looking into their cellphones.

They looked too nervous to say hello, and I thought he was going to ask them why they had parked in that spot.  I noticed his annoyance with them.  I’m guessing he just wanted to have a quiet breakfast.  He did not speak to any of them.  He looked at the one with the car keys and decided not to confront her.

I have a feeling they will see this in the internet one day.  My hope is that they are shamed by their peers into not parking in a spot that should remain empty for someone who really has a necessity to use it.



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