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First Boeing 737 Max certification flight test set for Monday: report — June 28, 2020

First Boeing 737 Max certification flight test set for Monday: report

The first Boeing 737 Max certification flight with the pilots and test crew members including Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) staff are set to begin Monday, Reuters reported on Sunday, citing unidentified sources.

a large air plane on a runway at an airport: First Boeing 737 Max certification flight test set for Monday: report© Getty First Boeing 737 Max certification flight test set for Monday: reportThree days of tests are reportedly scheduled for the popular jet, which was grounded in March 2019 after fatal crashes killed 346 people.

The crew will board a 737 MAX 7 outfitted with test equipment at Boeing Field near Seattle after a preflight briefing over several hours, a source told Reuters.

The source told Reuters that pilots will intentionally trigger the reprogrammed stall-prevention software known as MCAS that was faulted in both crashes.

Asked about the report, a spokesperson for Boeing deferred to the FAA and global regulators.

“We continue to work diligently on safely returning the 737 MAX to commercial service,” the spokesperson said.

The FAA said it has cleared the way for the certification flights to occur, which they said occur as early as Monday. The agency deferred to Boeing for details.

FAA officials in Washington and the Seattle area will analyze reams of digital and paperwork flight test data after the flights, Reuters noted.

Two sources told Reuters that FAA Administrator Steve Dickson will board the same plane to make his assessments, likely weeks later. Dickson has said the 737 Max will not be approved until he has personally signed off on it, according to the news service.

The FAA would then need to approve new pilot training procedures, among other reviews, sources said, telling Reuters that the FAA would not likely approve the plane for flights until September.

So why are humorist Tom Lehrer’s lyrics on the previous post? — November 16, 2019

So why are humorist Tom Lehrer’s lyrics on the previous post?

The other “father” of the space program in the United States of America, a man from Germany, Wernher von Braun, “made what amounted to a Faustian bargain for the advance of rocketry,” by joining the Nazi Party and becoming an SS officer!

He claimed he had no choice, arguing that the Gestapo kept a close eye on him, watching him for signs of disloyalty.

However, some of his “contemporaries did manage to resist the fascist regime, often perpetrating small, undramatic acts of slowdown, sabotage, or resistance.”

The Peenemünde team of engineers, lead by Wernher von Braun, “were Hitler loyalists who looked forward to the day when Aryan Germans would have the promised Lebensrum (room to live) granted by conquest of Europe.”

Von Braun later claimed he was “merely an earnest enginner who put his craft above all else.”

“This excuse didn’t  prevent him from enjoying his wartime position or being fêted by the Third Reich’s rich and powerful.”

“Von Braun, a colonel in the SS, was deeply complicit in the war crimes at the Mittelwerk and Dora facility” that “was carved inside Kohnstein Mountain, near Nordhausen in the Harz Mountains.  Using concentration camp slave labor, they transformed a tunnel complex into a facilty that could produce thousands of V-2s.

Arthur Rudolph, a close colleague of von Braun and chief operations officer at the Mittelwerk V-2 production facility,  oversaw the slave labor. He was an ardent Nazi and anti-Semite.  Nevertheless he was quietly accepted into the United Sates and granted citizenship in the mid-1950s.  Keeping a low profile at Fort Bliss, working in secrecy, he immediately began making contributions to the American rocket program, as did ex-Peenemünder Kurt Debus.  Hubertus Strughold, another beneficiary of Operation Paperclip,     was a physician who had been the director of the Luftwaffe Institute of Aviation Medicine during the Nazi  era was given a a similar job heading the new Air Force of Aviation Medicine, in West Texas.

[Operation Paperclip: a paperclip was placed on the files of those Nazis chosen to work as rocket engineers in the United States of America.]

As Strughold settled in America, quite a liberty to enjoy the privileges of democracy, his former colleagues were facing trial at Nuremberg for war crimes he’d known about.”

Warning! Do not read if sensitive to acts of torture. 

In one experiment, Jewish inmates were forced to squat in a chamber as the pressure insde the chamber was altered in a matter of seconds, simulating a depressurized airplane dropping from high altitude.  The doctors watched as the prisoners died or permanently lost their minds.

Okay to continue reading after this period.

Werner von Braun’s first public speech, in the United States of America to the El Paso Rotary Club stated:

“It seems to be a law of nature that all novel technical inventions that have a future for civilian use start out as weapons.

Rocketry entered a new dangerous territory with the development of the first intercontinental ballistic missiles, and Werner von Braun, once again did the sensible thing to lie low and develop his ballistic missiles in Fort Bliss—White Sands for U.S. Army purposes while keeping the moon and beyond in his dreams.

Did he ever think about the pain inflicted to all those who died, or survived, or who were harmed severely by the manufacturing and use in acts of war, by the V-2 rockets he engineered?


Tom Lehrer – Wernher Von Braun Lyrics | MetroLyrics — November 15, 2019

Tom Lehrer – Wernher Von Braun Lyrics | MetroLyrics

I just happen to be reading acclaimed historian Douglas Brinkley’s fresh look at the American Space program.





So why are the lyrics of Wernher Von Braun by Tom Lehrer below?

Tom Lehrer – Wernher Von Braun Lyrics

Tom Lehrer

(Introduction, spoken:)
And what is it that put America in the forefront of
the nuclear nations? And what is it that will make it
possible to spend twenty billion dollars of your money
to put some clown on the moon? Well, it was good old
American know how, that’s what, as provided by good
old Americans like Dr. Wernher von Braun!

Gather ’round while I sing you of Wernher von Braun
A man whose allegiance
Is ruled by expedience
Call him a Nazi, he won’t even frown
“Ha, Nazi, Schmazi” says Wernher von Braun

Don’t say that he’s hypocritical
Say rather that he’s apolitical
“Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down?
That’s not my department” say Wernher von Braun

Some have harsh words for this man of renown
But some think our attitude
Should be one of gratitude
Like the widows and cripples in old London town
Who owe their large pension to Wernher von Braun

You too may be a big hero
Once you’ve learned to count backwards to zero
“In German, oder Englisch, I know how to count down
Und I’m learning Chinese!” says Wernher von Braun

UpTown Spot — October 16, 2018
Is world ready for an undersea missile? — August 13, 2018

Is world ready for an undersea missile?

Supercavitating torpedo offers speed of 230 miles per hour

June 19, 2018

THE MIL & AERO COMMENTARY –Military forces throughout the world are obsessed, it seems, with speed. Jet aircraft, the missile, even the lowly bullet typically go faster than the speed of sound. Everywhere is an obsession with speed except in undersea warfare. In fact, today’s most advanced militaries are working on so-called hypersonic missiles that eventually could travel through the air at about seven times the speed of sound, or 5,320 miles per hour.

That kind of speed means a hypersonic missile could hit a target 100 miles away in little more than a minute — not much time for countermeasures and evasive maneuvers. It’s little wonder that speed is a top priority among military weapons developers.

Read more:

Imagine your only pilot having a heart attack. — July 20, 2018

Imagine your only pilot having a heart attack.

Two become one? Plane makers work on technology to reduce pilot numbers

July 19, 2018

FARNBOROUGH, England – Airplane manufacturers are working to adapt passenger jets to reduce the number of pilots needed for long-haul flights and to build new cockpits designed for a single aviator to ease a global pilot shortage and cut airline costs. Reuters reports. Continue reading original article

The Intelligent Aerospace take:

19 July 2018 — Airbus SE and Thales SA expect reduce cockpit crew size on long-haul passenger aircraft — typically three or four — to two by 2023 thanks to new technology to reduce pilot workload.

“That’s not an absurd date. Reducing crew on long-range looks to be the most accessible step because there is another pilot onboard,” Jean-Brice Dumont, Airbus head of engineering, told Reuters this week at the Farnborough International Airshow.

Boeing Co is examining the possibility of having reduced manning in the cockpit of a proposed mid-sized jet that it aims to have in service by 2025 if it proceeds with a launch decision next year, according to UBS analysts. Boeing did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Boom Supersonic Mach 2.2 airliner combines Honeywell avionics, GE engines, carbon fiber, 3D-printed components – Intelligent Aerospace — June 22, 2017
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