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Raid on the Sun by Roger W. Claire — November 26, 2013

Raid on the Sun by Roger W. Claire

What are the odds that Israel will  put its foot down and prevent the Iranian nation from continuing to develop their nuclear program?  They were able to accomplish that feat against Iraq.  Does Israel have another option?  The Israelis will have to handle the Iranian nuclear problem.  My hope is that this does not start the  third World War.


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Hollywood Stuntz go nuts — October 2, 2013

Hollywood Stuntz go nuts

Booya Bible 1 day ago
You fucking lunatic psychos don’t call police and possibly trail driver if you feel you have been wronged, but instead swarm a father with child in car and force him to stop in the middle of a busy thoroughfare and wonder “Well why did he try to crash through us? I can’t see why he feared for his life!!!” What the fuck is wrong with you. The entire gang should be jailed and charged with assault immediately. Fucking scourge. Psychos.
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