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An American Explorer and his ties to the Cali Cartel — December 28, 2018

An American Explorer and his ties to the Cali Cartel

Jungle Mike wrestled snakes, built a hospital in Colombia — and served 20 years for a record St. Pete cocaine seizure

Michael Tsalickis of Tarpon Springs had such an extraordinary life that National Geographic once filmed him wrestling an anaconda and actor Robert Duvall starred in a movie based on his adventures.

This is the account by the Tampa Bay Times about Michael Tsalickis who emigrated to Colombia.  He settled in a remote area in the department of Amazonas.  To a city named Leticia.  He went there to hire human apes to catch monkeys.  Those apes he hired then spent their measly pesos in Leticia, a city allegedly “transformed by Michael James Tsalickis into a thriving town with a hospital, a hotel and a bona fide airport.”

Mike, Jimmy, Mr. T , “Jungle Mike” as he was known,  went to Colombia to exploit the region.  To build a business selling exotic animals to zoos and monkeys to researchers.  Previously “Jungle Mike” opened a zoo in Tarpon Springs, Florida with an unnamed friend.    Do you have to wonder why a zoo owner would go to Brazil and Colombia to trap exotic animals?

The apes he hired so benevolently to trap and not eat what was abundant in that region, helped him buy an airplane,  build a business transporting medical supplies, trade exotic animals for profit and science, and  extend a runway for an airport that lured Brazilian and Colombian airlines.  [The national airline of Colombia, AVIANCA is now owned by a Brazilian citizen.]

Can you imagine how much it cost to build a runway that can handle heavy metal?  How many monkeys, oscelots, and medical supplies did it take “Jungle Mike” to have the deep pockets of a Rockerfellar?  That’s where the Cali cartel came to the rescue of a man who had failed once before in a little town of Florida, know as Tarpon Springs.

“It takes a monkey to buy pants in Leticia,”  Tsalickis would say.  “It takes a monkey to buy a shirt in Leticia.”

To read more about “Jungle Mike” please click on the link for the Tampa Bay Times.

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25 years on, Colombia still mourns Escobar plane bombing, still wants answers — November 6, 2015

25 years on, Colombia still mourns Escobar plane bombing, still wants answers

BOGOTA – Twenty-five years after late Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar ordered the bombing of a Boeing 727 to kill an enemy who turned out not to be on board, victims’ families are still demanding justice.

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Is there a similarity to the supposed bombing of a Russian Airbus that took off from a resort in Egypt?  The airplane was headed to St. Petersburg.

Numerous cars get flat tires on Cross Bronx. Is this similar to what happened to the former Miss Venezuela or I, in Cali, Colombia. — January 12, 2014

Numerous cars get flat tires on Cross Bronx. Is this similar to what happened to the former Miss Venezuela or I, in Cali, Colombia.

Numerous cars get flat tires on Cross Bronx

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Another Earthquake in Cali, — January 9, 2014

Another Earthquake in Cali,

This time I was shaving when I started to see myself sway in the mirror. I would say this was a 5.3 on the Richter Scale many kilometers away.

  LOCATION   (Click for regional, interactive map)   EVENT ID
(Click to explore)
09-JAN-2014 12:50:19 3.04 -75.80 5.0 28 0 COLOMBIA   4371267
09-JAN-2014 11:07:32 3.15 -76.05 4.6 7 30 COLOMBIA   4371263
08-JAN-2014 15:39:17 -5.05 -79.99 4.8 79 1013 NORTHERN PERU   4371233
06-JAN-2014 20:05:45 -4.86 -80.53 4.7 54 1024 PERU-ECUADOR BORDER REGION   4371160
05-JAN-2014 03:36:41 4.56 -76.60 5.3 61 191 COLOMBIA   4371064
30-DEC-2013 00:12:58 6.74 -72.98 4.8 164 517 NORTHERN COLOMBIA   4370829
26-DEC-2013 12:20:29 5.77 -77.63 4.6 11 365 NEAR WEST COAST OF COLOMBIA   4370693
19-DEC-2013 03:05:07 8.17 -83.08 4.5 28 987 COSTA RICA   4370379
14-DEC-2013 01:41:14 -2.88 -80.60 5.0 36 847 NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR   4370171
12-DEC-2013 02:31:29 6.76 -72.93 4.4 166 522 NORTHERN COLOMBIA
Cali, Colombia after the the first Earthquake of 2014 — January 6, 2014
Earthquake felt in Cali, Colombia @ 2240H — January 5, 2014

Earthquake felt in Cali, Colombia @ 2240H


You may use this box to clarify answers or to make observations that are not accommodated by other questions. You may also give first-person descriptions of how the earthquake affected you. USGS scientists may use some of the information that you enter in qualitative descriptions of shaking or damage in USGS publications. You would be identified as “an observer” and your location would be given in general terms. Parts of some first-person accounts may be reproduced as quotations in USGS publications.

I was surprised when I felt the quake. I was sitting enjoying a drink at Imaginaria, in Cali, Colombia. I looked to see if the floor was like in the States, made of wood. I looked up and confirmed it with a friend seated across. They all went on facebook to see if anyone else had felt it.

And they had.

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¡El Renacer de Cali! — December 29, 2013
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