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Happy is the man who finds his grave. — May 7, 2017

Happy is the man who finds his grave.

Yesterday while enjoying a mini Greek Salad with a side of Grilled Chicken and a car show in a small town in Florida, the revelry of seeing people walking by Toula’s was broken as I was finishing my meal.  I heard two quick shots, within one second of each other.  I stayed seated waiting to see the reaction of the crowd.  They had frozen in place  as if waiting for instructions from someone to flee.  Those working the diner had all stepped to the door to look towards the right, where they thought the noise was from a car that had backfired.IMG_0471

I kept my Canon with the 100mm lens ready to see who would come running by.  I saw a tall man running away from the noise, later two more ran towards the noise.  The woman trailing the faster man.IMG_0473

I continued eating and drinking my water, till I saw Michele by the plate glass window trying to see the commotion to the right of Toulas.  I asked her if she had purchased the T-shirts she had so much admired while we ate lunch.  She had placed an order with the lady I have always associated as being Toula.IMG_0526

I told Michele I was going to see who had died. The crowd was amassed on the four corners of a busy main street and the Pinellas Trail.  Yellow, “police do not cross”  tape was being placed by an officer.  The man who was the emcee of the car show was trying to shame the people from taking film of a dead man being given CPR by two policemen.  I debated two seconds to see if I should take a few pictures of this scene.IMG_0536

Living in New York City, I had never encountered a dead man lying in the street.  I had however seen one in South America as I was being driven higher in altitude, towards the cool mountain air in Cali, Colombia.  This man was so dead, no one was giving him CPR.  Unlike this incident in Tarpon Springs, no one was filming and no one was hanging around waiting for the policemen to arrive.IMG_0542

That day I also had a camera in hand, but the shock of seeing someone dead while driving by interfered with my role as an observer with a camera.

You may read about the developing facts of this shooting in the Sunday May 7, 2017 edition of the Tampa Bay Times.IMG_0541.JPG

Why the title of this entry?  Happy is the man who finds his grave.©May 7, 2017  I don’t know why this thought or title has been resonating in my mind.  I think I heard it while taking a shower listening to my Ipod, and if not, then it’s going to become the title of my book after I finish the first one titled My Mango ©1968IMG_0549

What is wrong with this picture? — April 4, 2017

What is wrong with this picture?

Three beautiful women walked into Dunkin’ Donuts in Tarpon Springs.  The one on 1143 South Pinellas Ave, 34689.  By the “T” formed by Meres Boulevard and South Pinellas Avenue (aka Alternate 19).

The three you see in this picture.


Would you think these Tarpon Springs High School women are entitled to park in the handicapped space in front of the Dunkin Donuts?

0404070736Do you see what’s hanging from the rearview mirror? Do you think it belongs to the driver of this SUV?

All looked to be in good shape, with no visible signs of a physical or mental disability.


I noticed their car parked at the High School on Gulf Road less than a mile from the Dunkin’ Donuts.  I deliberately drove by to verify if they were from Tarpon Springs.0404070808I did notice one handicap.  The driver had trouble trying to open her door with all the food she had bought for herself.  So, I guess a food handicap qualifies for a handicap parking permit in Tarpon Springs.0404070755

The first sentence in this post is false.  The word beautiful should be erased.

Three women parked in front of Dunkin’ Donuts in Tarpon Springs.  They all jumped out quickly, walked briskly into the restaurant, ending behind a man wearing black riding pants.  His racing bike was leaning on the handicapped pole where these women had left their vehicle.  He stared at them and all three stood there looking into their cellphones.

They looked too nervous to say hello, and I thought he was going to ask them why they had parked in that spot.  I noticed his annoyance with them.  I’m guessing he just wanted to have a quiet breakfast.  He did not speak to any of them.  He looked at the one with the car keys and decided not to confront her.

I have a feeling they will see this in the internet one day.  My hope is that they are shamed by their peers into not parking in a spot that should remain empty for someone who really has a necessity to use it.



Cobra on the loose in Ocala — March 15, 2017

Cobra on the loose in Ocala

OCALA, Fla. Just 2hrs away from Tampa, Florida-

One eyed Cobra is on the march.  March Madness.  Where in the world is the tan and yellow monocle cobra.  Close your windows, build a wall, dig a moat.  The yellow monocle cobra is loose.

(AP) Police and wildlife officials are searching for a tan and yellow monocle cobra that apparently escaped from a Florida home.


The Ocala Star-Banner ( ) reports a man was shadowing the snake’s owner so he could get a license to handle poisonous or venomous reptiles and snakes. He was at the home late Monday while the owner was working.

Police say he opened the cover of the cage and the snake jumped at him and then slid away. The man called the owner who rushed home. When they couldn’t find the snake in the sealed room, they called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Discarded pythons will be making a comeback in the Everglades   — March 12, 2017

Discarded pythons will be making a comeback in the Everglades  


Published: Wednesday March 1st, 2017 by Meteorologist Jeff Huffman

The state tourism industry calls it “Bragging Season”. To the weather community, the three-month period from December to February is referred to as meteorological winter. This year, however, many Floridians are asking themselves “what winter?”   According to State Climatologist David Zierden, nearly every reporting station in Florida recorded a warmer-than-average season. “The statewide average for December through February will be in the top five warmest.”   The numbers in Miami are particularly notable. The National Weather Service tweeted Tuesday morning that the mercury soared past 80 degrees nearly 70 times over the 90-day period.

More details on the warmest meteorological winter (December through February) on record for #Miami & #FortLauderdale #SoFla #FLwx — NWS Miami (@NWSMiami)March 1, 2017

 David also added, “In the past two years, Miami has only dropped below 50 degrees one time. That’s an unprecedented two-year stretch without cold days.” Miami was 1 of 13 stations reporting this winter to be the warmest ever recorded. Rankings of the winter season warmth, based on available data to the Southeast Climate Center ( During this winter as a whole, average temperatures at those recording sites were anywhere from three to four degrees above normal in Southeast Florida.

The Panhandle experienced temperatures seven to eight degrees above normal. In Jacksonville, according to the National Weather Service, it was the warmest winter in 60 years. Warmest winter in 60 yrs at Jacksonville & Warmest on Record at the Intl Airport location.

Avg Temp 60.8F was 5.9F above normal #jaxwx #flwx — NWS Jacksonville (@NWSJacksonville) March 1, 2017

The reporting stations are comparing this year’s winter temperatures with up to 144 years of data.  The warm is expected to come to a temporary end on Thursday, as a strong cold front sweeps through the state. 10-DAY OUTLOOK  

Αω – Ωα  = ℵ⋅Ø 


Where’s the new city in Florida? There’s one being planned for.. refugees? The human refugees that is, because the Big Cats are not wanted. — February 9, 2017
Returning to Local Events in the town of Tarpon Springs. — January 27, 2017

Returning to Local Events in the town of Tarpon Springs.

The epiphany did happen, as well as Christmas,  the New Year’s celebrations, with the noisy fireworks,  the coronation of our new president, with a few firing of rockets on the eve of transition of power from President Barack Obama to Donald Trump, the storm that killed many in the US of A, but when it was about to enter Tarpon Springs with extreme straight line winds, the storm dissipated quickly.  The following morning a beautiful rainbow formed over Spirou’s Restaurant.  That rainbow followed me as I drove easterly on the Courtney Campbell bridge towards Tampa.

So in this sleepy town in Pinellas County, Florida whose  claim to fame are the Sponge Docks, the Rose Cemetery, where the first black sponger rests in peace, the city cemetery that lies between a Shell Gasoline Station and the Rose Cemetery, the quaint downtown with its dormant train station, the Pinellas trail, which was the the path of the railroad.

Here also lie the guys who build boats, and the guys who build homes, the extinct Pappas restaurant, which was replaced by who knows what.  The beautiful Greek Orthodox church/cathedral, Dobies Funeral Home, a catholic church, an Episcopalian church where the blessing of the animals took place last year, the bike shop that should be avoided, and Tullas where a neat breakfast is served without any pretenses.  And before I forget Dodecanese Boulevard that leads into the Sponge Docks.

This sleepy village had a terrible awakening when a retired NY Police Officer was shot and run over by a felon with many priors, in the hotel area of Tarpon Springs by the Bayou where the Epiphany is always celebrated.

Sadly that scene was still visible the morning of our arrival in Tarpon Springs one December morning.  We normally entered  Tarpon by driving south following the directions placed by the county/state of Florida.

The sun had risen by perhaps half an hour when we saw flashing blue lights as we approached on what I call Main St and Alternate 19.  Never had I seen the road that leads to the Bayou closed during morning hours.

Officer K. had died.  The coward who shot him was in custody and Bay News 9 was reporting this tragedy.  His family was left without their father on Christmas eve/day.


This hotel area by the Bayou is not a place I would recommend for my friends and family to stay if they wished to visit.  Neither would I recommend those that are near the formerly known as Helen Ellis hospital and the public golf course.

Fortunately for the residents of Pinellas County, the Pinellas County Commision is seeking to control the board that oversees the county’s contractors.  In an investigation by the Tampa Bay Times, the newspaper detailed the agency’s fast and loose approach to disciplining contractors.  The Tampa Bay Times found that homeowners and contractors alike felt cheated, ignored and even stonewalled by the agency’s disciplinary panels, which don’t appear to have operated in compliance with state law. Continue reading

Tarpon Springs’ Epiphany dove is a frequent flier — January 17, 2017

Tarpon Springs’ Epiphany dove is a frequent flier


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