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The Sage of Tarpon Springs Speaks — October 30, 2021

The Sage of Tarpon Springs Speaks

to support a project that the concerned citizens of Tarpon Springs opposed. She rose to state: “You put a park out there, you’re going to have drug addicts, prostitution, homeless people. That’s what’s going to happen in these parks. Read the magazine Trend, all of you. Read what’s happening all over Florida in Florida’s State magazine. All over the United States! This country has a problem, Don’t make problems in Tarpon Springs. Keep the bloodline coming!

She then predicted the future of traffic in Tarpon Springs on that corridor, which is what the opposition to this project had stated earlier. US 19 North is a very wide road, 4-5 lanes going north and south, divided mostly by grass or islands of concrete where drivers are allowed to make U-turns. When a U-turn island proves to be a “problem,” it is because of the many accidents that happened in those intersections. People are injured or killed when cars are T-boned on US 19. These U-turn islands are subsequently eliminated to prevent future deaths at those spots.

There used to be a U-turn by the Honda dealer on the south side of US 19 that was closed just for that reason. Ironically this spot is not too far from where the Morgan Group has been given a green light to continue its plan to destroy an undisturbed plot of land filled with trees, Brazilian Pepper trees. “There’s (sic) going to be accidents on US 19.” predicted the Sage of Tarpon Springs, a former mayor of the city of Tarpon Springs. Yes Anita Protos bring the blood line to US 19. Let’s see how many motorists are going to leave a blood trail at that project.

What irked me the most of her statement was the undertone of racism in her support for the ANCLOTE HARBOR PROJECT. I’ve recently been up north on a road trip to New Hampshire that lasted roughly six weeks. I did not see any prostitution in NH, no drugs in CT, no homeless in NYS parks. The same I can say about the other states I covered. GA, WV, PA, NJ, NC, SC, FL, VA.

In fact I would like to invite her to the Rockerfeller State Park Perserve, or any other state park in Florida. I’ve yet to be propositioned by a prostitute. I’ve seen many people and none of them looked like prostitutes or drug addicts or homeless. Where have you been Anita Protos?

If you wish to read more about the Anclote Harbor Apartments and the Morgan Group.

If you wish to read more about the City of Tarpon Springs.

If you wish to see Anita Protos words of wisdom.

Anita Protos has a habit of speaking in support of many resolutions.

Early in the morning on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 she walked towards the podium to brag about not being tired to say she was speaking in support of another stellar company.

Pioneer Homes Florida and Southwest Florida Water Management District and the City of Tarpon Springs — September 28, 2021
When Florida was one of the most glorious places on earth — December 8, 2019

When Florida was one of the most glorious places on earth



“The environmental challenges of preserving a place that meant so much and drew so many of us here should serve as a rallying cry for all Floridians. Isn’t leaving the world a better place taking care of one’s own backyard a democratic principle and a republican virtue? Politicians and elections come and go, but the environment is forever.”  Gary R. Mormino


It’s been a while since I last spoke to you. — March 28, 2019

It’s been a while since I last spoke to you.

What has changed in the United States of America?  Nothing much but yet again another commander-in-chief, who did not serve a minute in the military during the Vietnam War.  This must be a new trend where our presidents have managed to avoid going to Vietnam by being given deferments. One for being an only son still enrolled in a university, and the other for being a rich son who suffered from bone spurs in his foot.  Or was he just a flat-footed, deaf and blind enlistee who was rejected for cause?

vanities i am the swoosh donald trump hair
vanities i am the swoosh donald trump hair

The emergent former Soviet Union is still a partner with the United States, in space and in the Middle East.  The North Koreans are still a thorn in our side, but the rulers of both nations really like each other.  The People’s Republic of China, the P.R.C., is not the super power it claims to be.  The United Kingdom struggles to keep herself in the European Union.  Their subjects voted to get out of being part of it and now find themselves wondering why they accepted a narrow vote for doing so.  The French government and the yellow jackets are holding scrum every weekend.  The Italians are still busy trying to keep the water out of Venice; charging you an extra fee just for using their cutlery while keeping you sitting out in the sidewalk with the pigeons and pedestrians; expecting an additional tip from the clueless, who like lemmings always leave a tip.

In the United States after months of investigating those associated with Donald Trump, we are told by a single man that there was no evidence of collusion with the Russians.  Teflon Donnie T has brainwashed all who work for him.  “There was no collusion.”  There was no Billy Bush and a hot mike between them, when talking  “locker room trash.”  The women did enjoy being pinched and grabbed between the legs by a billionaire.  Not one has been successful in bringing this braggart down to earth.  And Billy Bush is gone.

Replacing him in the limelight is Michael Avenatti who has shown himself to be allegedly guilty of being an extortionist.  Nike did not want to play with Avenati.  Avenati was caught trying to force Nike to pay ransom to the sum of millions of billion of dollars.  He’s been accused of blackmailing the Nike Corporation, who claims itself to be benevolently improving the lives of the youth of the slums.


Boeing is building 737 Max 8-9’s that don’t let the pilots fly it.  Eliminate the anti-stalling system.  Using computer updates is not the answer.  Let pilots fly the 737 and fix the hydraulic valve problem in the aft.  This 737 aircraft family has a history of being too cozy with the FAA.  It’s time to separate them for the good of the travelling public


Isn’t is ironic or maybe just coincidence that a man who has represented a zaftic woman against Teflon Donnie T, is now finding himself looking at spending a timeout behind shiny steel bars.  Who could be behind this?  The new Don of the world?

In Dallas,Texas the TexRail from DFW to Fort Worth with stops at Grapevine, and other stations along the new train system is up and running. Free rides for a month were enjoyed by all!  Finally a State that knows how to build for the future.


In Florida…it still keeps growing.  Nothing seems to whither in this state.

In Georgia and North Carolina Jim Crow is still alive.  Elections in N.C. were rigged to stop black candidates from winning.  Re-election will be held in a few more months.


In North and South Carolina…all else is  well.  Savannah and Charleston are still quaint cities and no one knows which one is in the south or which is their favorite.

In New York City, the former Borough President of Queens County, is now running to be the District Attorney.  I guess term limits has forced her out. Unfortunately she didn’t have time to clean up the borough while she was in office. See:

Also the Van Wyck Expressway is worthy of being the mess to avoid, and John F. Kennedy International airport is improving but not succeeding  to impress anyone.

In Albany, the Cuomo’s are still the reigning family and in Staten Island, a family lost its head because of jealousy or just plain idiocy.

In Flushing, Queens the majority is now Asian and in Bayside the same will happen.

In Uniondale, the Coliseum and the Long Island Marriott are still in the way of the seagulls  that pick up the trash left by the fans of the current version of a hockey team.

In Puerto Rico,  and not because of the Teflon Donnie T’s paper towels, the effort to bring back this island nation back to our century is still lagging.  If not for celebrities like Broadway actor, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and chef José Andrés,, and many luminaries and citizens of the mainland of the US,  would this island be abandoned by all its citizens.  Thankfully this island nation’s future will surpass that of Hispaniola.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin is still revered by all.  He runs unopposed by anyone of his party.  Doesn’t this sound like the Teflon Donnie T of America?  Crimea, the land he took back from Ukraine in a “democratic referendum” is now being fully intergrated into Putin’s Russia, who is defending the “referendum as complying with the principle of self-determination of peoples.[54][55] In July 2015, Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Crimea had been fully integrated into Russia.[56]” Hope they’re happy with their choice of returning to the motherland.

In the UK, Theresa May agrees to to quit of Brexit Deal passes in the U.K. Parliament.

I don’t know much about what these crazy English are doing anymore.

Read the following link to get a better picture.

Okay?  I think I need to return back to my present hometown.  The Pinellas Trail is empty of cyclists,  pedestrians, and mountains.  I have not done any serious road training for the next Tour de France.  My tennis elbow is missing me and so will Roland Garros if the French government doesn’t squash the yellow jackets soon.





Vindication, at long last — February 22, 2019
Raspy voices… — February 19, 2019

Raspy voices…

My voice has become raspy and less forceful as I get older.  Is there anything I can do to improve it?

Condition:  Presbylaryngis the aging of the larynx. Results in a raspy, hoarse tone.

Our vocal cords are folds composed of muscles surrounded by softer membranous tissues. Over the years, the vocal cords can lose strength, elasticity and structure. These changes in the vocal cords may allow too much air to escape between them, which can cause your voice to be breathy and weak.

Certain habits also can affect how you speak. For instance, you can irritate your vocal folds if you constantly clear your throat while speaking. A dry throat and irritation are often the main triggers for chronic throat clearing. But people get in the habit of doing this whenever they speak even when they don’t need to.

You can’t turn back the clock so your voice sounds like it did when you were 30. But you can maintain and even improve how your voice sounds now. Here are some steps you can take to help strengthen and protect your voice.

Give your voice a rest when needed. Your voice needs rest when it becomes fatigued, just like your body does. If you feel voice fatigue or have throat discomfort when talking for long periods, rest your voice for several minutes every hour. Also try not to yell or raise your voice, and avoid talking over background noise, like the TV.

Stay hydrated. The vocal folds depend on a thin layer of fluid to cushion them during speech, so it’s important to drink enough water to stay well hydrated. This is especially helpful if you battle constant throat clearing.

Inhale steam. A hot shower or steam inhaler can help clear any allergens from your nose and throat. This provides short-term hydration while helping to capture and clear irritants in your upper airway that could be affecting your voice.

Consider whether acid reflux may be affecting your voice. Stomach acid that backs up into the throat can irritate the vocal folds and cause them to swell. Most often people with acid reflux have symptoms like heartburn and an acid taste in the mouth. But you may not experience these and may not know you have reflux.

If hoarseness or other voice changes have just happened recently, don’t just attribute them to age. You should contact your doctor to have a throat exam, especially if you have been a smoker.

Howard LeWine, M.D., is an internist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. For additional consumer health information, visit

Last night I spoke with Susan Miccio-Kitta, Conner Donovan, Chris Alahouzos and David Archie — January 16, 2019

Last night I spoke with Susan Miccio-Kitta, Conner Donovan, Chris Alahouzos and David Archie

I first spoke with Conner, since he was by the door, then to David, as I was about to enter the auditorium, turned to Susan as she approached from the left, and lastly to Mayor Chris Alahouzos, a few minutes before the Candidate Forum commenced.

See livestream of forum:

I asked Susan about who to contact regarding the installation of the Naiads on the Dodecanese traffice circle.  Whether City Manager Mark LeCouris, the Board of Commissioners or the Public Art Committee.  I was confused as to whom to speak to regarding a design for the installation of the Naiads with a water feature.  “Who’s in charge,” was what I wanted to know.  At the last Board of Commissioners meeting it was not clear to me who would direct this project to completion. 

Board of Commissioners/Board of Adjustments/Budget Advisory Board / Charter Review Committee / Civil Service Board / Code Enforcement  Board / Heritage Preservation Board / Library Advisory Board / Parks & Recreation Advisory  Board / Planning & Zoning  Board / Public Art Committee / Technical Review Committe

Sure wished the site had links to the names of all the Boards and Committees.  I’ve been trying to find a list of just the Public Art Committee.

Through YouTube,

I at least found the name of the person who was responsible for bringing the Naiads to the City of Tarpon Springs, and I assume also a member of the Public Art Committee.  Diane Gage 333 Bay St.  She too was confused as to which number the Board was using to chose the final design.  Perhaps having projected on the screen the 5 options would have simplified it for her.  I however was online looking at the agenda for January 8, 2019 and not confused about the options.  I initially agreed with City Manager, Mark LeCouris about eliminating the water feature.

Option 4 was agreed to by the Board of Commissioners since the boulders from Kalymos were already in Tarpon Springs waiting for the project to commence.


Susan Miccio-Kitta

Jacob Karr,

Chris Alahouzous

David Banther

Rea Sieber

This is a view of the traffic city from the vantage point of the shops on Dodecanese.  Do you notice how busy the area behind the circle looks?  Can you imagine seeing the Naiads at this short distance without a wall to attract the eye towards it?0110091008.jpg

The size of the statues and stones from Kalymos are  an unknown to Susan Miccio-Kitta and  I.  The circumference or diameter of the traffic circle is referred to in the pdf,  as a “ten foot circle.”  I will assume that this means a diameter of 10 feet.

Guessing maybe 5-6 feet tall, the statues would still be lost in that traffic circle if a background wall is not placed behind the statues to give the viewer a clear perspective of the statues.

The  wall,  could contain the reservoir, and pumps for a future solar system fountain.


the wall could presently be designed to contain the reservoir, and pumps for the wall.

Description of the wall for the Naiads.

The wall’s top could be covered with a mesh to prevent leaves and dust from entering the reservoir but allow rainwater to flow in towards the reservoir,  thus filling the resevoir.  The botton of the wall should have drainage holes to prevent the hollow wall from being inundated with water. Solar panels can be installed on the top of the wall.

 The wall should curve parallel to the curve of the traffic circle. The curve should only be as wide, as to be able to frame the four statues.

The names of the statues could be placed on the wall so that people can appreciate and respect the artwork.

The wall should not enclose fully the traffic circle, thereby not interfering with the view of cars going towards the statues.

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