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Welcome to Vichy America — April 6, 2017

Welcome to Vichy America

Welcome to Vichy America

  • Jan 26, 2017

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French daily Le Monde to stop publishing pictures of terrorists in order to avoid ‘glorifying them in death’ — July 27, 2016

French daily Le Monde to stop publishing pictures of terrorists in order to avoid ‘glorifying them in death’

Finally a news organization will not publish the pictures of terrorists.  I think they should go further by not even printing their names in their publications.

By Freddy Mayhew

France’s best-selling national newspaper has declared it will no longer publish pictures of terrorists who have carried out atrocities in a bid to avoid “glorifying” their actions.

The change in Le Monde’s editorial policy was announced today in an article by its director, Jerome Fenoglio.

It comes in the wake of the murder of an 86-year-old Catholic priest in Rouen, Normandy at the hands of Islamic extremists yesterday.

Fenoglio said (translation by Press Gazette): “Following the attack in Nice, we will no longer publish photographs of those who carry out massacres to avoid the possibility of glorifying them in death.”

He revealed the paper had “changed its protocols [for reporting on terrorism] on several occasions” since the first Islamic State attacks, including taking the decision not to publish images, extracts from propaganda documents or claims made by the terror group.

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Countries With Some of The Most Beautiful Women — December 6, 2015
Doubling Down: Charlie Hebdo’s Next Cover Is Another Muhammad Cartoon — January 12, 2015

Doubling Down: Charlie Hebdo’s Next Cover Is Another Muhammad Cartoon

Still defiant, Charlie Hebdo will publish another cartoon depicting…

Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine that was attacked by Islamic militants last week, will publish a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad on the cover of its next issue, according to Liberation, a newspaper that is helping the magazine continue operations.

The picture, drawn by the staff cartoonist known as Luz, and published online Monday by Liberation, of course risks further enraging fundamentalist Muslims.

 It depicts a bug-eyed Muhammad holding a sign that says “Je Suis Charlie,” the now-popular phrase that connotes solidarity with the magazine, and with the principles of free speech that its brand of humor represents.

Under the figure of Mohammed are the words, “All is forgiven.” The normal run for Charlie Hebdo magazine was previously about 50,000 copies, only in French — but the new issue will have a 3 million-copy run, in 16 languages.


No trial, no arrest, no pity. French commandos execute scum. — January 10, 2015
“Best Wishes, by the way” …Charlie Hebdo being defiant. — January 7, 2015

“Best Wishes, by the way” …Charlie Hebdo being defiant.

Meilleurs vœux, au fait.

In the nation of Liberté, égalité, et fraternité the French are united in their outrage at the acts of terrorism that occurred today. How will the  French government deal with the three suspects? These three miscreants deserve to be shot on sight.  No trial, no arrest, no pity. Unfortunately these men will be caught soon and their rights will be protected.  How sad that the French abolished the death penalty in a law dated October 9th, 1981.

Trois individus ont tué 12 personnes au siège parisien de Charlie Hebdo en blessant plusieurs autres très grièvement. Les tireurs ont pris la fuite, criant «Nous avons vengé le prophète». Le plan Vigipirate a été élevé à son niveau le plus élevé en Ile-de-France.

Do zoos incarcerate animals for the enjoyment of humans? — February 13, 2014

Do zoos incarcerate animals for the enjoyment of humans?

Elisa Allen, spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in the U.K., said Marius’ case should serve as a wake-up call for anyone who “still harbors the illusion that zoos serve any purpose beyond incarcerating intelligent animals for profit.”

Marius for those who haven’t yet seen its public execution and dissection, was a young giraffe that was euthanized, quartered and subsequently fed to the big cats of a Danish zoo in Copenhagen.

For those who are naïve about what is being fed to animals in zoos this should open some eyes about the reality of the lives of animals in a zoo.

I’ve gone to zoos to see humans with their progeny enjoy seeing animals in captivity. But I’ve never seen a display that depicts humans in captivity in a zoo. I would love to see a world leader behind bars in a zoo, fornicating, defecating, and imbibing alcohol for my enjoyment.

Preferably that leader is French or Italian. They seem to enjoy having open affairs.

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