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It’s been a while since I last spoke to you. — March 28, 2019

It’s been a while since I last spoke to you.

What has changed in the United States of America?  Nothing much but yet again another commander-in-chief, who did not serve a minute in the military during the Vietnam War.  This must be a new trend where our presidents have managed to avoid going to Vietnam by being given deferments. One for being an only son still enrolled in a university, and the other for being a rich son who suffered from bone spurs in his foot.  Or was he just a flat-footed, deaf and blind enlistee who was rejected for cause?

vanities i am the swoosh donald trump hair
vanities i am the swoosh donald trump hair

The emergent former Soviet Union is still a partner with the United States, in space and in the Middle East.  The North Koreans are still a thorn in our side, but the rulers of both nations really like each other.  The People’s Republic of China, the P.R.C., is not the super power it claims to be.  The United Kingdom struggles to keep herself in the European Union.  Their subjects voted to get out of being part of it and now find themselves wondering why they accepted a narrow vote for doing so.  The French government and the yellow jackets are holding scrum every weekend.  The Italians are still busy trying to keep the water out of Venice; charging you an extra fee just for using their cutlery while keeping you sitting out in the sidewalk with the pigeons and pedestrians; expecting an additional tip from the clueless, who like lemmings always leave a tip.

In the United States after months of investigating those associated with Donald Trump, we are told by a single man that there was no evidence of collusion with the Russians.  Teflon Donnie T has brainwashed all who work for him.  “There was no collusion.”  There was no Billy Bush and a hot mike between them, when talking  “locker room trash.”  The women did enjoy being pinched and grabbed between the legs by a billionaire.  Not one has been successful in bringing this braggart down to earth.  And Billy Bush is gone.

Replacing him in the limelight is Michael Avenatti who has shown himself to be allegedly guilty of being an extortionist.  Nike did not want to play with Avenati.  Avenati was caught trying to force Nike to pay ransom to the sum of millions of billion of dollars.  He’s been accused of blackmailing the Nike Corporation, who claims itself to be benevolently improving the lives of the youth of the slums.


Boeing is building 737 Max 8-9’s that don’t let the pilots fly it.  Eliminate the anti-stalling system.  Using computer updates is not the answer.  Let pilots fly the 737 and fix the hydraulic valve problem in the aft.  This 737 aircraft family has a history of being too cozy with the FAA.  It’s time to separate them for the good of the travelling public


Isn’t is ironic or maybe just coincidence that a man who has represented a zaftic woman against Teflon Donnie T, is now finding himself looking at spending a timeout behind shiny steel bars.  Who could be behind this?  The new Don of the world?

In Dallas,Texas the TexRail from DFW to Fort Worth with stops at Grapevine, and other stations along the new train system is up and running. Free rides for a month were enjoyed by all!  Finally a State that knows how to build for the future.


In Florida…it still keeps growing.  Nothing seems to whither in this state.

In Georgia and North Carolina Jim Crow is still alive.  Elections in N.C. were rigged to stop black candidates from winning.  Re-election will be held in a few more months.


In North and South Carolina…all else is  well.  Savannah and Charleston are still quaint cities and no one knows which one is in the south or which is their favorite.

In New York City, the former Borough President of Queens County, is now running to be the District Attorney.  I guess term limits has forced her out. Unfortunately she didn’t have time to clean up the borough while she was in office. See:

Also the Van Wyck Expressway is worthy of being the mess to avoid, and John F. Kennedy International airport is improving but not succeeding  to impress anyone.

In Albany, the Cuomo’s are still the reigning family and in Staten Island, a family lost its head because of jealousy or just plain idiocy.

In Flushing, Queens the majority is now Asian and in Bayside the same will happen.

In Uniondale, the Coliseum and the Long Island Marriott are still in the way of the seagulls  that pick up the trash left by the fans of the current version of a hockey team.

In Puerto Rico,  and not because of the Teflon Donnie T’s paper towels, the effort to bring back this island nation back to our century is still lagging.  If not for celebrities like Broadway actor, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and chef José Andrés,, and many luminaries and citizens of the mainland of the US,  would this island be abandoned by all its citizens.  Thankfully this island nation’s future will surpass that of Hispaniola.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin is still revered by all.  He runs unopposed by anyone of his party.  Doesn’t this sound like the Teflon Donnie T of America?  Crimea, the land he took back from Ukraine in a “democratic referendum” is now being fully intergrated into Putin’s Russia, who is defending the “referendum as complying with the principle of self-determination of peoples.[54][55] In July 2015, Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Crimea had been fully integrated into Russia.[56]” Hope they’re happy with their choice of returning to the motherland.

In the UK, Theresa May agrees to to quit of Brexit Deal passes in the U.K. Parliament.

I don’t know much about what these crazy English are doing anymore.

Read the following link to get a better picture.

Okay?  I think I need to return back to my present hometown.  The Pinellas Trail is empty of cyclists,  pedestrians, and mountains.  I have not done any serious road training for the next Tour de France.  My tennis elbow is missing me and so will Roland Garros if the French government doesn’t squash the yellow jackets soon.





India Seeks 100 Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from General Atomics — December 24, 2015

India Seeks 100 Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from General Atomics

December 22, 2015

India has asked to buy 100 advanced Reaper and Avenger armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. in Poway, Calif.,  worth headerimage.img$2 billion to bolster its arsenal amid recurring incursions by Chinese troops.

Here are the first three paragraphs of the original article from Business Standard. The link to the original article is included.


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Countries With Some of The Most Beautiful Women — December 6, 2015
Over 500 Stolen Books Worth 2.5 Million Euros Returned — February 14, 2015
Do zoos incarcerate animals for the enjoyment of humans? — February 13, 2014

Do zoos incarcerate animals for the enjoyment of humans?

Elisa Allen, spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in the U.K., said Marius’ case should serve as a wake-up call for anyone who “still harbors the illusion that zoos serve any purpose beyond incarcerating intelligent animals for profit.”

Marius for those who haven’t yet seen its public execution and dissection, was a young giraffe that was euthanized, quartered and subsequently fed to the big cats of a Danish zoo in Copenhagen.

For those who are naïve about what is being fed to animals in zoos this should open some eyes about the reality of the lives of animals in a zoo.

I’ve gone to zoos to see humans with their progeny enjoy seeing animals in captivity. But I’ve never seen a display that depicts humans in captivity in a zoo. I would love to see a world leader behind bars in a zoo, fornicating, defecating, and imbibing alcohol for my enjoyment.

Preferably that leader is French or Italian. They seem to enjoy having open affairs.

I’m proud of my one-night stands and drug use… — October 31, 2013

I’m proud of my one-night stands and drug use…

Taken this year in the morning on Thursday, October 31. Sent via Adobe Photoshop Express (App Store | Google Play Store | Windows Store)

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Is she out of her mind?  I can’t believe this woman would publish an autobiography to tell all.  She is still facing a retrial for the murder of  British student and roommate Meredith Kercher.  What is wrong with this picture?  How come she is being allowed to profit from a crime?  I’m beginning to change my view of this woman.  Her beauty and place of birth did make me biased in her favor and against an Italian court which couldn’t convict her despite the evidence against her.  Her family should have prevented this idiocy from happening.  I’m not sure why a woman would be so proud of being a slut and a drug user.


I guess the PIGS are still causing problems — September 29, 2013

I guess the PIGS are still causing problems

The party of Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says all five of its ministers are resigning from the shaky coalition government.

The development follows weeks of worsening relations between his party and Prime Minister Enrico Letta’s centre-left grouping.

Mr Berlusconi had already threatened to withdraw his ministers if he is expelled from the Senate for tax fraud.

The crisis could lead to fresh elections amid economic problems.@BBCBreaking: Ministers from ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi’s party are resigning from Italy’s shaky coalition government -spokesman

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