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“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” — March 5, 2014

“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

According to George Will, Lev Davidovich Bronstein supposedly said this while living in The Bronx.  Mr. Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky was a Russian Marxist, intellectual, and revolutionary. In the early Soviet Union, he founded the Politburo, served as People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs, and created and led the Red Army. After Lenin’s death, Trotsky was exiled for his opposition to Joseph Stalin‘s policies. His 1940 assassination in Mexico was allegedly carried out by a Soviet agent at Stalin’s behest.

Putin attacks ‘foreign meddlers’ 26 April 2007 .

I will recall once more Russia’s most recent history.  Above all, we should acknowledge that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical disaster of the century. As for the Russian nation, it became a genuine drama. Tens of millions of our co-citizens and compatriots found themselves outside Russian territory. Moreover, the epidemic of disintegration infected Russia itself.  Individual savings were depreciated, and old ideals destroyed.  Many institutions were disbanded or reformed carelessly.  Terrorist intervention and the Khasavyurt capitulation that followed damaged the country’s integrity.  Oligarchic groups — possessing absolute control over information channels — served exclusively their own corporate interests.  Mass poverty began to be seen as the norm.  And all this was happening against the backdrop of a dramatic economic downturn, unstable finances, and the paralysis of the social sphere. Many thought or seemed to think at the time that our young democracy was not a continuation of Russian statehood, but its ultimate collapse, the prolonged agony of the Soviet system. But they were mistaken. That was precisely the period when the significant developments took place in Russia. Our society was generating not only the energy of self-preservation, but also the will for a new and free life.

Thus we have in this corner, a little man wielding a big military to compensate for his hatred of homosexuals.  And in the other corner we have the craven countries of Europe who would prefer to give Crimea to Russia than to fight another war on their soil.  And to complete the trifecta we have Barack Obama, John Kerry and many Republicans and Democrats, using words and economic threats to try to force the Red Army to take steps back into the lands they barely control.

The UN Charter endorses the right of self-determination of all.  This self-determination of course is being influenced by all sides interested in creating conflict.

And I watch the scenes from the comfort of my well heated home in the United States of America, from oil bought from foreign lands.  My naive hope is that they all shake hands and exchange wives and concubines with each other.  There’s nothing uglier than watching relatives fight each other.  Since 1949, I’ve been waiting for a solution to a tricky problem created by the English and other nations in the Middle East.

Syrias’s Nationalistic Revolt is Being Hijacked by Outside Forces — November 27, 2013

Syrias’s Nationalistic Revolt is Being Hijacked by Outside Forces

As Syria‘s nationalistic revolt gets hijacked by ideology, outside forces are changing the playing field.

Over two years later, the conflict in Syria grinds on. And with it has come a host of changes as approximately 1,000 military groups have emerged as operational entities across Syria, often pursuing highly ideological goals. In recent months, we have seen a large number of foreign fighters drawn into the Syrian conflict, which is providing a new opportunity for Islamic jihadists to establish a presence in the country while gaining battlefield experience for their fighters.

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Journalist Paul Conroy recalls his harrowing escape from Syria — March 10, 2012

Journalist Paul Conroy recalls his harrowing escape from Syria

Wounded UK journalists recalls deadly attack and harrowing escape from Syria
From Nima Elbagir, CNN
London (CNN) – From his London hospital room, journalist Paul Conroy recalled Sunday his harrowing journey to hell and back from Syria – speaking out against what he called its “murderous regime” in tribute to those, including his colleague Marie Colvin, killed in the chaos.
Few foreign journalists have been in the Middle Eastern nation in recent months, as Syria’s government has stringently restricted access amid widespread violence that the United Nations estimates has left more than 7,500 people dead.
President Bashar al-Assad’s government blames “armed terrorist groups” for the bloodshed. Yet senior U.N. official Lynn Pascoe told the Security Council last week that often over “100 civilians a day, including women and children” are being killed – most of them the victims of what activists and witnesses have described as brutal attacks by Syrian government forces.

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My battle with tiny insects, Mosquitos and No-see-ums, in Santiago de Cali, Colombia pales with this tale of survival.

Mr. President what is so funny about rising oil prices? Do something now! — February 24, 2012

Mr. President what is so funny about rising oil prices? Do something now!

Official photographic portrait of US President...
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“Some politicians,”… Obama droned on as he scratched his head with his index finger while he tried to come up with a snappy reason why gasoline prices are going up so early in the year.  He continued…”they see this as a political opportunity”…and then he patronized the crowd by saying, “I know you’re shocked about that.”  The Obama friendly crowd obligingly laughed at his weak attempt to joke about what the Republican candidates are beginning to see as a weakness of this president.  A president  who has not been able to control the oil companies, nor the maggots who are speculating on oil prices, nor the press who has been screaming for the past few weeks about the rising cost of gasoline. Barack Obama has not been able to do anything about the price of gas per gallon since he took office almost four year ago.

I sincerely believe the press has had an effect on gasoline prices. The press cries like Chicken Little, to all the owners of gasoline stations, the price per gallon of states like California and New York.  They’ve been reporting about the price per gallon when it was $3.49 and they’ve been predicting that the price of gasoline will be going to  over $5.00 per gallon throughout the nation for the coming summer months, if not earlier.  This president then continued later on in his attack on the Republican candidates for the office of president of the United States of America, that he can not fix the price of gasoline, in one year, one term nor in more than 4 years.

Mr. Obama why are you so inept and powerless?  Do the oil companies rule the world.  Do corporations have more power than the office of President of the United States of America?  Do they have control of the Armed Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf?  I think it’s time to elect a President like Richard Milhous Nixon who froze gasoline prices during the Arab embargo back in the 70’s.

And then there’s the lack of control of his troops in Afghanistan.  Burning the Koran to incite the believers of Mohammed by his troops is unacceptable.  Peeing and desecrating the bodies of those who oppose the Americans in the Middle East is also unacceptable.  Why has he not asked for the resignation of the commander of these idiots who haven’t yet left these people alone to fend for themselves.  It’s time for these idiots to stop defending and fighting for me.  They are an embarrassment and if one or two U.S. soldiers die during the riots, an apology will just not be enough Mr. President.  Fire the commanders of these troops and court martial those responsible for pouring oil on the fires in the Middle East.tEEdMX0E4Cs

Thankfully, most of our troops are polite young men and women who abhor the actions of these idiots.  These heroes are trying to help the people of nations who have been oppressed by tyrants.  They’re trying to bring instant Democracy and instant Capitalism to these thankless ingrates.  It’s time to bring all the troops home and let the natives fend for themselves.

An American’s Unusual Resume May Have Attracted Iran’s Suspicion — January 14, 2012

An American’s Unusual Resume May Have Attracted Iran’s Suspicion

Iran Twitter Flag
Image by People's Open Graphics via Flickr

Here we have another American who decided to test the paranoid Islamic Republic of Iran.  While in their custody since August 2011,  Iran lost yet another nuclear asset.  The assassination in Tehran of  Mr. Roshan, a Chemical Engineer with a magnetic bomb attached to his car.   He was the fourth Iranian nuclear scientist killed in two years, a period in which the West has intensified covert actions against Iran’s nuclear program.

According to U.S. officials in Washington, Israel has played a central role in a series of attacks on Iranian scientists.  Computer viruses, explosions, and assassinations have hindered Iran’s aspirations to have a nuclear reactor online.

Ironically, Israel is considering decommissioning its nuclear facility in Dimona.  A facility that was commenced quietly, without public notice, early in  1958 near the ancient city of Beersheba in the heart of the Negev desert.  Their fear is that a successful airstrike would cause a nuclear disaster.

Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, a former Marine from Flint, Michigan was convicted of spying for the Central Intelligence Agency, C.I.A. by the government of Iran.  Mr. Hekmati’s background, his Iranian heritage and the linguistics work he did for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, might help explain why the authorities in Iran had him arrested while he was visiting Iran for the first time.

He is now sitting on death row in an Iranian prison.  A pawn in a conflict of words between the United States and Iran.

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A’jad’s Latin Tango —

A’jad’s Latin Tango

A’jad’s Latin tango

Last Updated: 12:37 AM, January 10, 2012
Posted: 10:47 PM, January 9, 2012
Even as his government back home was sentencing to death an American citizen it outrageously claims is a spy, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad embarked on a five-day visit to four of Latin America’s most anti-American regimes: Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Cuba. Continue reading

Buying Guns Today Will Keep Your Freedoms Tomorrow! — September 8, 2011

Buying Guns Today Will Keep Your Freedoms Tomorrow!

“Buy more guns!”  Exhorts a Texan to his countrymen.

But is it such a good idea for all citizens to be armed to the teeth?  Look at the following video of the “rebels” in Libya and tell me if you would like to experience an uprising of the types that have happened in the Middle East.  Will the people ever demand change this way?  Click on the link below.

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