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Funny Or Die Video: Katy Perry Votes Naked — September 27, 2016
Naked Ballet Dancers — February 10, 2016
Do You Know What The World Will Celebrate on June 24, 2016? International Be Naked Day — December 20, 2015
Anthony Weiner still has a chance to be the Mayor of NYC — March 14, 2015

Anthony Weiner still has a chance to be the Mayor of NYC

2682C7DE00000578-2988585-Nothing_to_hide_Mayoral_candidate_Yolanda_Morin_stripped_off_in_-a-6_1426016467288A Spanish mayoral candidate stripped nude for a campaign poster as part of her bid for mayor of Portugalete, a small town in northern Spain, west of Bilbao.

She appears naked on a mayoral campaign poster that makes the bold claim…

“politicians have left us stark naked.”

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Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko — January 13, 2014

Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

I don’t think this singer needs to do the simulated sex, masturbation, and titillation scenes.  Sexyiest Woman Alive?  I doubt it!

See Rihanna’s Esquire naked photo shoot and video. Please click on the following link. Esquire’a Sexiest Woman Alive.

Rihanna picks a member of the audience to have simulated sex with. She guides the subject over to the platform in the middle of the stage. She commands the subject to lie back. She straddles the subject. She grinds. This part is not simulated.

Madonna once did a Vegas-revue version of this show, but Rihanna is the indisputable champion of carnal pop. At this moment, in this room, she is the essence of Fuck.

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Miley Cyrus poses nude for Marc Jacobs — July 29, 2013
French Women’s World Cup Trio Posed Naked… — July 13, 2011

French Women’s World Cup Trio Posed Naked…

to draw attention to their sport. Gaetane Thiney, Elodie Thomis and Corine Franco posed for the pictures under the motto:

“Is this how we should show up before you come to our games?”

They claim they made the decision – following some German players’ appearances in Playboy last month – to raise awareness about the women’s game. Continue reading

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