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Westminster Dog Show — March 9, 2015
.. Christmas lights — February 21, 2015
February 2014 in pictures. Come and live in Queens, NY. Clean. Easy parking, great food, and wonderful friendly people. — March 1, 2014

February 2014 in pictures. Come and live in Queens, NY. Clean. Easy parking, great food, and wonderful friendly people.

This is February 2014 in pictures.  The best place to have a meal of course in New York City is while riding the subway.  In this case its the E towards Jamaica.  I had been at Mt. Sinai to visit a friend who is having heart problems. 021904101696th Street in Manhattan is the station where I got off the number 6 train to look for my friend.  Mt. Sinai is a mega hospital that extends northward from 96th to maybe 102nd Street. 0219040953BelieVe on Sundays at 9PM on channel 4 New York.  This is a poster at the 96th Street station in Manhattan.  Riding the subway system in the city of New York is a luxury we all take for granted. 0219040739a This is the wonderful job of clearing the snow some homeowners of this block fail to attempt.  The clearing is created by the pedestrian going to work.0219040739112 31 is the address if the City of New York really wishes to enforce its regulations regarding the clearing of sidewalks in the borough of Queens.0217041256This is where I’ll be in a few days after returning from Vermont.  We had left New York City by driving up north taking the Whitestone Bridge to the Hutchinson Parkway and continuing on Connecticut’s Route 15.  Better known as … 0217041250Curious place for this to be here.  We stopped in Bennington, Vermont for a meal.  The diner that was recommended was really good.  I liked its system of seating parties.  So many tourists didn’t take the time to read the signs. They just waltzed right in past the throng waiting to be seated.  We said nothing because we knew they were going to be kindly asked to wait in the vestibule for the next available table after all of us, who were already waiting.  Most just continued on their way to another place.  Their loss. 0215041420Brattleboro, Vermont.  After a few purchases a pedestrian tries to navigate the snowy sidewalks.  It has just snowed so I guess there is a grace period in this town before you’re given a summons.0215041419 0215041417 0215041358It seems we are always eating.  This is a nice place where you can have soup, sandwich, healthy vegetables read a paper and just relax for an extended period using their wifi.  I’m surprised how many people have to be on their electronic smart phones letting people know instantly what they’re doing. 0215041224This is a view from the parking lot. 0214040658This is a view from a parking lot also.  It’s a sunrise if you’re interested in knowing.0214040638The joy of cleaning the car that is parked on the street, I’m sure will exceed the effort.  That fluffy stuff on the hood is heavy wet snow and that in front of the vehicle is solid ice that has been pushed with plows into the car.0208041126Here is a well maintained building whose workers have snow blowers they point directly into the parked cars.0208041124Cool dude riding with no hands on an icy roadway.  He’s actually trying to keep his hands from freezing.0205041946This an above air subway station in Brooklyn.  I was there to attend a friend’s wake.  She had a heart attack after leaving work while driving home.  It took too much time to find her after she pulled over safely.0205041716This wasn’t the poster that made me go to Vermont.  I figured since I had just returned from Montreal where the temperature was below zero during my stay, that I would enjoy a blizzard in Vermont. 0205041511aLift Plow Blade.  Children returning from school seem to be the only ones that enjoy the numerous snowfalls this season.0205041510Snow, sleet, rain mixture gave us a little view of how beautiful a tree looks covered in ice.  This scene didn’t last very long because the temperature rose above freezing as the day progressed. 0205041508Another Vampire type movie premiered in February.  Do they think children will enjoy this movie?  I can’t believe how much money is wasted making crappy movies.0205041502bA free empty parking spot on Queens Boulevard.  Don’t forget that free doesn’t mean free.  You must walk to the meter if you can find it to pay for your stay in this free spot.  Beware of the meter maid because they have a quota to maintain.  They make-believe to look up and down the block to see if anyone is paying.  It takes them less than a few seconds to issue a parking violation.0205041502a 0205041502 0205041500 0205041434Seeking shelter from the above ground mess you just saw.  Notice a pedestrian is still keeping her umbrella open, just in case a drop seeps through.0205041429 0205041428a 0205041428 0204041705It’s a wonder how many more people can live in the city of New York that they’re constantly building bigger places to reside.  This building actually was the demise of a pharmacy.  Duane Reade, CVS, Walgreens probably will have an office in this property.0219041050Notice how gently the postman walks.  Where he’s traversing is covered in ice.  I would have refused to deliver the mail on this block until the ice melted or until the city of New York enforced its laws.0221041353The warm weather created a foggy situation that grounded my plans to leave the icy city for greener pastures.0221041400 0221041403 0221041416Endless Winter and Pompeii covered in snow is how New York City feels this season.0221041416aAnother factor in deciding whether you want to live in this city is how clean it is.  It’s citizens have no problem leaving the feces of their beloved pets in front of an Italian restaurant.  I’ve never eaten there because I can’t imagine how they’ve been given an A rating with this kind of filth less than twenty feet away from their entrance.0221041416b 0221041416c 0221041445I wouldn’t purchase this vehicle.  It was left unattended for over 30 days.  This is how long it has taken all the snow to melt away.0221041623Great Colombian food on Hillside Avenue, in Jamaica, NY.  That’s about the only positive aspect about living in the City of New York.  The food is ethnic and tasty.0224041641I left the capital of the world for the pleasure of walking on a beach in Florida.0224041649Even this bird is smart enough to not be living in the north.0224041652Two couples enjoy a game of Bocce.0227041257Can’t believe I’m leaving on a jet plane the paradise of Florida.0227041434 0227041501Approaching New York’s La Guardia Airport. I’m still enjoying listening to music on my dumb iPad while descending for a landing.0227041501a 0227041508Rikers Island is where its nice residents get to do a time out for misbehaving.  This is just about 10 seconds from touchdown.0227041508aI’m sure Mr. Donald Trump likes to leave this sore on the tarmac.  He’s a very crafty fellow.   Free advertising that is seen by millions.0227041509The little buildings in the background are on top of the island known as Manhattan.  It is preferably called “The City” by its residents.0227041602Beautiful clean snow continues to melt.0228040828If you don’t have a shovel to remove snow then use your vehicle to create path through the embankment.  Also don’t bother to remove the hazardous condition in front of the property.  It’s only going to snow again in two days.  The conditions are predicted to deteriorate on Monday.  Hopefully these wonderful homeowners allow the snow to melt their mess.0228040828aNotice the address.  I’ll even give you the street on 113th in Forest Hills, New York 11375.  I’ve decided to not include any of the pictures of my actual destination in Vermont.  Those you can see on Flicker.  Just move down until you see the Flickr feed on the right side.  Also Montreal’s pictures are not included in this post.  See Flickr for further updates.

Fundraiser for Fallon Mirsky. You can help save her life. — February 21, 2014

Fundraiser for Fallon Mirsky. You can help save her life.

Fallon, a life-long Long Island resident is suffering from rare, life-threatening combination of diseases. Autonomic dysfunction, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and gastroparesis.

On February 27, the Melrose Ballroom, located at 36-08 33rd Street in Astoria, New York,  will hold the Fight for Fallon event at 1900H (7 P.M.)  to raise money to help Fallon pay for a treatment which would place her in a coma to replace her entire digestive system.  Please contact or donate at

Rare Disease Day is also approaching!  I think it is so fitting for the fundraiser to be taking place on February 27th because the very next day, February 28th, is known as Rare Disease Day.  In the U.S., any disease affecting fewer than 200,000 people is considered rare. Hola!

Lo vamos a hacer.  Todo está listo.  Estoy muy emocionada, pero muy nerviosa también.  Pero sé que todo va a salir bien.  Estoy donde debo de estar  y todo va a salir bien.  Éste es el primer paso de mi vida nueva .  

In other words… It is a “Go!”  It is official.  I am very excited, but also very nervous.  Yet, I know that everything is going to be ok. I am in the right place and all will be ok.  This is the first step of my new life.

Well… another day here in Beautiful Mexico and I have so much to say because I met with the doctors for the Ketamine Coma.  I can’t believe how much has changed in just a day!  First of all, my Spanish has greatly improved, which will come in handy especially now that we will be returning because the coma is an official “GO!”  Even though I knew that it was going to happen before, it was never official until I met with the entire team and they all saw me because I always had a fear that once all the members on the team saw me… they were going to change their mind.  I am so used to having my hopes squashed and having someone pull the rug out from underneath me.  But I no longer have to worry about that part because it is official… I will be undergoing the coma! It is a GO!  Well it is a GO as long as I can pay for it!

To read more about Fallon Mirsky’s fight for life see her website at:

February 21, 2014… I have a lot of news to share. —

February 21, 2014… I have a lot of news to share.

A special fundraiser is being held for Fallon Mirsky in Astoria, Queens.

Read more at:




Wow do I have a lot of news to share because so much has been happening.  Sometimes I think I am living in a soap opera because there is always something happening.  At least I can’t say my life is ever “boring” because there is always something occurring! 

I guess I will begin with the biggest announcement!  A special fundraiser is being held for me at the Melrose Ballroom, and I would love for you all to attend.  It is very important for as many people to come because I am scheduled to undergo an intense treatment called a Ketamine Coma in Mexico on May 1st.  This is my last option and will only be able to get it with the help of others, as it will cost over $100,000. 

 In addition, I am suffering immensely and need dire medical treatment even within the United States such as medications…

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What “getting lucky” means in New York City. — February 5, 2014
“Time Bandits” prove how vulnerable the city of New York is on the eve of the SuperBowl in New Jersey. — January 31, 2014

“Time Bandits” prove how vulnerable the city of New York is on the eve of the SuperBowl in New Jersey.


  1. “It happened so fast!”
  2. “We didn’t know what was going on.”
  3. Sources say “the bandits went first to Wempe watch and jewelry store.”
  4. They heard the smashing of a display case.
  5. They thought it was an accident.
  6. Customers inside Cartier didn’t realize anything was happening.
  7. A construction worker saw the bandits casing the store.
  8. “They were small, didn’t look like big guys or anything.”
  9. “The were just looking through the window.”
  10. “They looked like they couldn’t afford to buy anything at Cartier.”
  11. They were thrown out of Wempe by one guard.
  12. The guards at Cartier were intimidated by one little guy with a hammer.
  13. The “Time Bandits” were “emboldened because all the cops are in Times Square.”
  14. They left with 16 watches worth allegedly $700,000.
  15. The employees were later seen drinking champagne and wine.  To calm the nerves?
  16. The meeting with champagne and wine was a (sic)”prescheduled” meeting.

Since I was early for my appointment yesterday, when I had to go to Manhattan for a consultation, I decided to divert from my destination to go by the celebrations at the intersection of the so-called “Capital of the World.”

Broadway, already a famous roadway in the island of Manhattan has been renamed “SUPER BOWL BOULEVARD” for the duration of the festivities. I took the sewer line that doubles  as the mass transit of the City of New York to enter the city through its exit on 42nd and 8th Avenue.  What I noticed as I approached the venue where the festivities to the “SuperBowl XLVIII” aka the “OverHyped Dud of a game it will be,” was policemen everywhere.  Most were busy holding meetings on the platforms of the train stations.  Some with canines were confused as to what they were supposed to be doing.  I saw one standing near the Golda Meir bust just looking serene and frozen in place.  Another one handling a canine had to tell him what he was supposed to do.  And after telling him what to do.  He just stood there watching the crowds move by his perch on the platform where the bust of the aforementioned great woman rests.

Looking serene and composed.
Looking serene and composed.
There were other security measures in place that I will not divulge because I’m sure ABC News,  CBS or NBC or FOX or CNN will be happy to inform the public.  

So no one called the troops when they realized something didn’t look right.  Here’s the first line of defense and the public did nothing.

I left the area quickly because I couldn’t  stand the crowded narrow passages created by the displays on Broadway aka “SuperBowl Boulevard” to go to the Library on Fifth Avenue and 40th Street to borrow a computer for 45 minutes while I warmed my toes and fingers.  After my time expired I met a lady who asked me to help her with her internet problems.  It seems her Google+ has been set to talk to her in Hungarian.  Funny since she only speaks, French, English and Spanish and German on command.

After that I left the library to search a fine place to dine in.

  • McDonald’s.  What a piece of crap this one is. I took a picture to see if you recognize where this one is located. Fast inaccurate service.  Ordered:  Big Mac Meal, received a “Wimpy” Mac without all the promised embellishments.  Ordered a simple hamburger and it wasn’t included in the bag.  Ordered a coffee after the card was swiped and it wasn’t delivered.  I refused to take out my VISA again to pay for such bad service.  Seating on the 2nd floor was clean, but the temperature was so low the French Fries became cold and stale.  The COKE, I took two sips of this sugar filled crap.  I finished eating quickly before I froze to death, to dump everything else  in the receptacle.  I couldn’t wait to return home.  I exited the borough of Manhattan through the Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street #7 Line.  I took the express train out of dodge. 
Wimpy Big Macs
42nd Street between Fifth Avenue and Park
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