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New York Stands Up to Trump — January 31, 2017

New York Stands Up to Trump

IMG_2735By Alexandra Schwartz

January 30, 2017

Protesters in Battery Park, in Manhattan, on Sunday.PHOTOGRAPH BY GO NAKAMURA / REDUX

“If Donald Trump had cared to test his prediction, made at a rally last January, that he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” without losing any voters, there’s about a one-in-three chance that the person he shot would have been an immigrant. If you include children born here to immigrants, the odds become better than one in two. New York is the most diverse city in the world, and the percentage of foreign-born New Yorkers is currently at its highest point in a hundred years. The city is home to more than three million immigrants, upwards of thirty-five per cent of the population. Before the turn of this century, the last comparable year was 1930, when immigrants made up a third of the city. Among them was Mary MacLeod, Donald Trump’s mother, who had arrived from Scotland in 1929. Then came the Great Depression, followed by wartime quotas. By 1949, when Jared Kushner’s grandparents Rae and Joseph, Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivors and refugees, were granted permission to come to Brooklyn from a displaced-persons camp in Italy, the percentage had dropped to a relatively meagre twenty-two. Rae and her family had tried to emigrate before the war, to no avail. “For Jews, the doors were closed,” she later remembered. “Why?”’

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From New York City to Patagonia bike rider hasn’t made contact with his family. — February 19, 2014

From New York City to Patagonia bike rider hasn’t made contact with his family.

Unfortunately his last message was rather cryptic.  I don’t think the Mexican military would ever escort anyone out of any territory.  I’ve visited Mexico on many occasions and I happen to be able to communicate with them using their native language.  We’ve been stopped and asked to open the trunk of our vehicle at many checkpoints on a trip that took us through many states starting at Mexico City traveling through Veracruz, Palenque, Chichén Itzá, Cancún, some other cities in the mountains on the return trip and some coastal cities excluding Acapulco this time because of the floods that year.  We’ve been warned by many not to stop or pick anyone on the road.  We have stopped in the state of Chiapas where there was an opposition leader of the government, who was so famous, the Mexicans were selling his likeness to the tourists.  Nothing happened because we heeded their advice and we had also resolved not be taken in by anyone.  We weren’t going to give a bribe to any government official had we’ve been caught speeding through any city.  We were prepared to lose our dignity fighting for our dishonor or honor.  An hour-long escort out of some area, is not a good description of his awareness of his location.  This escort, naïvely followed was probably a kidnapping.  That he was lucky to be able to communicate with his girlfriend, at a rest stop for lunch, was his last cry for help. “Crazy military stuff” is not an apt description of Mexico’s military operations.  Hopefully Barack Obama is able to intercede for this family and bring back their adventurer.

Sarah Ashley Schiear last heard from Harry Devert in an ominous text via the WhatsApp messenger app.

“Just got an hour and a half long escort out of some area it was too dangerous for me to be,” the message said. “Stopping for lunch and … voilà Internet. … Gonna get back on the road soon. Apparently there’s another military escort waiting for me in some other town… I’m running way late because of the crazy military stuff…hopefully get a chance to talk to you tonight when I (hopefully) finally arrive.”

Because some areas in Mexico are reportedly unstable, those close to Devert fear he is in danger.

Ann Devert, Harry’s mom, heard from a friend who recently returned from Michoacan, where vigilante self-defense groups in numerous communities have engaged in deadly confrontations with the Knights Templar drug cartel.

After vigilantes threatened to descend on a key cartel area last month, the Mexican government sent in thousands of troops and police to try to keep the peace. The government has even joined forces with the vigilantes as the Knights Templar become further entrenched in the agricultural state.

The family feels Harry is alive and that he is waiting to be found.  He was last seen traveling to the town of Zihuatanejo.  The family is using Harry’s blog and other websites including  Hopefully someone who is in the area has seen Harry and is also not afraid to contact the authorities.  It’s sad he was just enjoying life writing about his travels and that his adventure has been delayed by persons unknown.  Please help find Harry soon.  Reblog this to all your Mexican friends.  There is at least one person who saw Harry with the “military.”

Ex-DJ charged in child sex case. An update to this story. —

Ex-DJ charged in child sex case. An update to this story.

Dave Herman was indicted on February 18, 2013 on a charge of trying to take a 7-year-old girl to the Virgin Islands from New Jersey for sex.  The federal grand jury indicted the 78-year-old man on one count of attempting to transport and engage in sexual activity with a minor.  Herman remains jailed without bond.  Dave Herman worked at WNEW-FM in the 70s.

I can’t believe that this morning on WCBS 880AM I heard about Dave Herman’s conduct…with a woman who was arranging a tryst with her alleged 6-y-o female child.  The pedophile allegedly told the investigators, “I find girls that age incredibly sexy, soft, and their innocence is also a huge turn-on for me,  6 is the perfect time to start her being loved that way.”

This  77-year-old Airmont, Rockland County, resident allegedly and unwittingly told investigators  about his “love” for young girls.  How the sting was set or who informed the authorities about his pedophilistic tendencies is probably subject matter for MSNBC’s predator type shows “Caught on Tape.”

And to make me shake my head again in disapproval is the small article in the NY Post about a principal who refused to listen to the children who kept telling her tales of the rape of their classmate.

This was the e-mail the alleged rapist/pedophile sent to the really old in comparison to the 6-year-old girl.

“I was too rough.  Sorry, It’s normal.  You may feel pain for a few days.”  And guess who found the e-mail?  The mother who remains unknown until Anthony Crisuolo, the male 40-year-old, of PS 386 School for the Environmental Citizenship, stands trials for allegedly raping her daughter.  The rape occurred  a month after the child’s classmates had told Angelyn Donald, the Principal of PS 386 in the Bronx.

Of course the “Princial,”  Angelyn Donald denies being alerted to the possible misconduct of the rapist, Anthony Crisuolo.

How did the rapist gain access to this child?  The parents allowed Anthony Crisuolo to escort their daughter to an awards ceremony at the Fordham Heights school, but instead of  entering the school for the ceremony, he drove her to a parking lot in his silver Dodge Charger where he took advantage of the child.  The child had allegedly received repulsive, sexually explicitly messages.  If these messages had anything to do with the luring of the child to the “award ceremony” is probably something that the child will have to answer in court during cross examination.

Sadly this case is similar to another where the child committed suicide just before the trial.  I hope this does not happen.

Lecturing children not to spread rumors, instead of investigating what they’re saying is hard to believe.  I don’t think a woman in charge of a Public School would dismiss these allegations without consulting another person in her staff.  Someone else, besides the Fifth Graders, knows more about the conduct of the principal adult who could have prevented this tryst.  Angelyn Donald and Anthony Crisuolo should both stand trial for rape.
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