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Jean-Philippe Ramear- Les Indes Galantes — March 24, 2017

Jean-Philippe Ramear- Les Indes Galantes

Do not watch if you are easily offended by the sight of naked humans bouncing around.

Naked Ballet Dancers — February 10, 2016

Naked Ballet Dancers

Weirdly impressive: naked ballet dancers have their areas covered by drones

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Bailarina de Jennifer López queda semidesnuda en pleno show — December 4, 2015

Bailarina de Jennifer López queda semidesnuda en pleno show

25 NOV2015        


Bailarina de Jennifer López queda semidesnuda en pleno show
Mientras bailaba junto a JLo, su ceñido vestido se rompió y dejó a todos los asistentes al show con la mirada fija en un solo lugar: su cola

La cantante Jennifer López inauguró los American Music Awards el pasado domingo con una puesta en escena que impresionó, haciendo vibrar al público presente con algunos de los más grandes éxitos del año. Pero la nota de color la dio una de sus bailarinas que quedó con la cola al aire en vivo. Continue reading

Nude Yoga Instructor Poses in Her Favorite Positions (NSFW) — June 10, 2015

Nude Yoga Instructor Poses in Her Favorite Positions (NSFW)

Photographer Peter Hegre posted these stunning images on Reddit, featuring his wife in some of her most perfected yoga positions. For those who aren’t experienced yoga buffs, it’s often hard to see the muscles being affected by the poses, especially when the instructor is fully clothed. These photos, thanks to perfect lighting, highlight the muscle tones being worked out by each unique position.KWDLa

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Anthony Weiner still has a chance to be the Mayor of NYC — March 14, 2015

Anthony Weiner still has a chance to be the Mayor of NYC

2682C7DE00000578-2988585-Nothing_to_hide_Mayoral_candidate_Yolanda_Morin_stripped_off_in_-a-6_1426016467288A Spanish mayoral candidate stripped nude for a campaign poster as part of her bid for mayor of Portugalete, a small town in northern Spain, west of Bilbao.

She appears naked on a mayoral campaign poster that makes the bold claim…

“politicians have left us stark naked.”

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Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko — January 13, 2014

Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

I don’t think this singer needs to do the simulated sex, masturbation, and titillation scenes.  Sexyiest Woman Alive?  I doubt it!

See Rihanna’s Esquire naked photo shoot and video. Please click on the following link. Esquire’a Sexiest Woman Alive.

Rihanna picks a member of the audience to have simulated sex with. She guides the subject over to the platform in the middle of the stage. She commands the subject to lie back. She straddles the subject. She grinds. This part is not simulated.

Madonna once did a Vegas-revue version of this show, but Rihanna is the indisputable champion of carnal pop. At this moment, in this room, she is the essence of Fuck.

Please….Read more: Rihanna Naked Pictures and Video – Esquire Sexiest Woman Alive 2011 – Esquire 

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Justin Bieber’s Greatest Acts of Idiocy — August 13, 2013
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