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I’m a grown-ass woman who’s been having sex for 14 years — April 10, 2017

I’m a grown-ass woman who’s been having sex for 14 years—RvPX1SQCmFMg/sex-poster-web2

I’m a grown-ass woman who’s been having sex for 14 years (yes, I added it up for funsies) but it turns out there’s plenty I don’t know about the ins-and-outs of the proverbial in-and-out. Last night, lucky for me, I got schooled and entertained at a new comedy show called Sex! With Your Mom.  Continue reading

What is wrong with this picture? — April 4, 2017

What is wrong with this picture?

Three beautiful women walked into Dunkin’ Donuts in Tarpon Springs.  The one on 1143 South Pinellas Ave, 34689.  By the “T” formed by Meres Boulevard and South Pinellas Avenue (aka Alternate 19).

The three you see in this picture.


Would you think these Tarpon Springs High School women are entitled to park in the handicapped space in front of the Dunkin Donuts?

0404070736Do you see what’s hanging from the rearview mirror? Do you think it belongs to the driver of this SUV?

All looked to be in good shape, with no visible signs of a physical or mental disability.


I noticed their car parked at the High School on Gulf Road less than a mile from the Dunkin’ Donuts.  I deliberately drove by to verify if they were from Tarpon Springs.0404070808I did notice one handicap.  The driver had trouble trying to open her door with all the food she had bought for herself.  So, I guess a food handicap qualifies for a handicap parking permit in Tarpon Springs.0404070755

The first sentence in this post is false.  The word beautiful should be erased.

Three women parked in front of Dunkin’ Donuts in Tarpon Springs.  They all jumped out quickly, walked briskly into the restaurant, ending behind a man wearing black riding pants.  His racing bike was leaning on the handicapped pole where these women had left their vehicle.  He stared at them and all three stood there looking into their cellphones.

They looked too nervous to say hello, and I thought he was going to ask them why they had parked in that spot.  I noticed his annoyance with them.  I’m guessing he just wanted to have a quiet breakfast.  He did not speak to any of them.  He looked at the one with the car keys and decided not to confront her.

I have a feeling they will see this in the internet one day.  My hope is that they are shamed by their peers into not parking in a spot that should remain empty for someone who really has a necessity to use it.



“FUCKING NEW YORK” – Exciting, Provocative, Passionate view of NY by @NikolaTamindzic — April 3, 2017
Lee Ok Seon: “I was forced to have sex with many men each day” — December 28, 2015
What Is More Important? The Apology or the Billion Yen? —

What Is More Important? The Apology or the Billion Yen?

Japan And South Korea Reach Settlement Over Wartime Sex Slaves

The deal includes an apology from the Japanese Prime Minister over the women, who were forced to work in military-run brothels in World War II.

A woman attends a rally demanding a full compensation and an apology from the Japanese government in Seoul, Dec. 28. Ahn Young-joon / AP


Japan and South Korea have agreed to refrain from criticizing each other on the issue in public, and South Korea will also look to remove a statue symbolizing the women who were forced to work in the brothels.  This statue was erected by activists outside the Japanese embassy in 2011. The issue of the sex slavery had long been a source of animosity between South Korea and Japan. The latter occupied the Korean peninsula between 1910 and 1945.

Other women forced to work in the brothels came from China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan.

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NSFW, Extremely Graphic, Adults-Only Poster For Gaspar Noe’s ‘Love’ — November 30, 2015

NSFW, Extremely Graphic, Adults-Only Poster For Gaspar Noe’s ‘Love’

“Love” poster                                                Wild Bunch

By Kevin Jagernauth | The Playlist
April 26, 2015 at 8:35AM


Beyond this point is material that’s extremely NSFW. This is something you might find in some of the filthier magazines in some of the dingier corners of your local corner store. So, if you’re at all offended by graphic depictions of sex acts, stop and go somewhere else. You have been warned.

“I was very hands off when we were shooting. Once you put the people in the right positions it’s okay. They know how to do it.” Gaspar Noé 

on Shooting Sex in ‘Love’ and

Why He Loves His Bad Reviews

à quel point tu peux être tendre?

TENDRE, verbe trans.

− En partic.

♦ Domaine amoureux, vieilli.[Le suj. désigne un homme] Être ou mettre en érection. Tendeur, s.m., homme qui tend (Richepin, Chans. gueux, 1881, p. 290).Vieux faune en l’air guettant ton dû, As-tu vraiment bandé, tendu L’arme assez de tes paillardises? (Verlaine, Œuvres compl., t. 2, Parall., 1889, p. 170).Empl. pronom. Le mâle se tendait, la femelle s’ouvrait, et dans la fusion des sources créatrices s’éveillait le premier frémissement de la vie (Louÿs, Aphrodite, 1896, p. 76).
Again do not click on this link if you are offended by graphic depictions of sex acts.

Producer Vincent Maraval tweeted the film’s latest poster, and well, it speaks for itself. And I thought the marketing for “Nymphomaniac” got intense. Check it out below, and then start figuring out which U.S. distributor is even going to try and take this movie on. [via Les Temps Detruit Tout]

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The Making of RealDoll, the Customizable, High-End Sex Toy — April 16, 2015
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