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Was this a Tragedy or a Blessing? — February 15, 2017

Was this a Tragedy or a Blessing?



Will this story be one day a song by yours truly.

TAMPA — At first, the Port Tampa Bay workers thought the man bobbing in McKay Bay on Friday afternoon was a swimmer. He wore a bathing suit and had the slender body of a devoted athlete.


Aaron Branham Roush had a history of legal issues in Hillsborough and Polk counties.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.38.57 AM.png

Dr. Aaron Branham Roush, the board-certified surgeon who practiced at the former Uphoria Medical Spa, is asking the Florida Board of Medicine to let him voluntarily give up his medical license in lieu of other potential action by that disciplinary board.

Aaron Branham Roush had a history of legal issues in Hillsborough and Polk counties.

LAKELAND | A doctor who worked at a pain-management clinic in Lakeland is asking the Florida Board of Medicine to let him voluntarily give up his medical…
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Tarpon Springs’ Epiphany dove is a frequent flier — January 17, 2017

Tarpon Springs’ Epiphany dove is a frequent flier


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Breakfast in Dunedin with Rick Scott, Jack Latvala, Maurice Gallagher and Typhoid Mary. — April 23, 2016

Breakfast in Dunedin with Rick Scott, Jack Latvala, Maurice Gallagher and Typhoid Mary.

We had decided the night before to have breakfast in Dunedin, FL before continuing to St. Petersburg, FL to see if Pet Pal had any small dogs for adoption. Pit bulls, mixed pit bulls, pits, pits pits in my juice juice juice! [a reference to the Odd Couple with Tony Randall & Jack Klugman.] I’ll continue later with the Pet Pal experience.

We arrived at the café located near the library. Walking by the side of the building facing Douglas Avenue.  After parking in the rear of the building, and while passing through the café’s front courtyard, I noticed many couples having breakfast. One caught my attention.  In the seconds I had to spare since I was not going to waste any more time observing their behavior, was a 50+ years old man and a woman perhaps a generation younger. He was stroking her arm slowly from her wrist to her axilla, the part that smells when we perspire, the underside of her upper arm. Her arm pit! I went past them quickly and saw other couples looking up at us. It’s funny how quickly people look away when being caught staring. We entered a nearly empty restaurant. Only one table was taken. Two women sat having breakfast with one typing on an I Pad.

Our waitress arrived [Christie]. We were greeted while I opened the Tampa Bay Times to separate the section with the crossword puzzle. Menus were given and orders were taken for drinks. Coffee for Michele and Ice Water with a lemon for me. So far so good. While reading about Prince dying and…Doug Hughes of Ruskin, the gyrocopter idiot pilot who flew in protest into Washington, D.C., and the Allegiant CEO, Maurice Gallagher who was in St. Petersburg at the Marriott, speaking about the ‘bad summer’ his company had last year (2015). Growing pains is what he calls, emergency landings, engine problems, maintenance delays, and pilots who didn’t want to fly his elderly poorly maintained jets.

Growing pains indeed! The stock price for his company is at an all time high but soon will decline when he starts to switch to the “newer” Airbus. The management team has been replaced and by 2020 he plans to hire five new mechanics to work out of the Pinellas County market. “We’ve always been safe. And we will continue to work with the FAA and audit our own practices.”

The host of this event was Sen. Jack Latvala, who flies to Bangor, Maine on Allegiant.

From the Marriott, CEO Maurice Gallagher headed to the Sirata Beach Resort in. St. Pete Beach for the company’s annual station meeting. It was the first time in this company’s history that the “annual station meeting” was held outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Allegiant is based in Las Vegas where Roulette, and other games of chance are played.

Notice how much Maurice talked about customer service? He claims he invests and “reinvests in our pilots.” Thank G_d, he hired competent flyers or his airline would have been grounded indefinitely if all his growing pains had touched the earth with more force.

Defending Allegiant, the senator actually complained bout the investigative reporting of the Tampa Bay Times.

Copy paragraph “the airlines…”  Please see picture below.

Tampa Bay Times 4/24/2016

Soon after reading this I head a loud dry cough coming from a zaftig waitress who happened to be bent over pushing her breasts almost over her black blouse.

My breakfast hadn’t yet arrived and I began to worry if Typhoid Mary was still alive.
At this point I was reading “No Trump, but presence looms large at GOP event.” Another politician was present at this event, Governor R. Scott of Florida, who wouldn’t mention the missing elephant in the room, instead he talked about “jobs,”‘and chided all the Republican candidates for failing to make that the central campaign issue. I bet he didn’t mention the Florida Panther…

Hair tied in a bun, tattoo on left arm just above the elbow, dressed all black, taking quick nervous short steps while serving customers outside and inside was, “I don’t want to get anyone sick.” As she was saying this she was wiping her nose with a finger, then blowing her nose with a soft paper product, then wiping her hands on her ample gluteus maximus. All this behind the counter near the small prep area.

She flew past us on her way out the other door that still slams shut. She returned to enter an order and coughed yet again. I leaned back, turned my head to the right to see if she was the same suspect. “Now she’s here to contaminate this area,” I told Michele.

By now I had seen her cough into her hand, grab a carafe, pour coffee, wipe her nose with her index finger various times, clean her hands on her ass and not once did she wash her hands. “Where’s the owner,” I asked Michele. “Are you going to say something to our waitress about her colleague?

The bill arrived and Michele hadn’t even been given a refill! “Please ask me if I want coffee,” she tells me, “before bringing the check.”

Listening to the music playing in the background was Sting’s Every Breath You Take…I’ll be watching you at 9:45 A.M. A coincidence and ironic because I was watching her and scribbling notes on top of No Trump, but …

And then three ladies walked in. Mother,daughter and granddaughter. “Where do you want to sit,” Grandma asked the baby.

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Feds want public comment on plan to encroach the habitat of the Florida Panther! — April 17, 2016

Feds want public comment on plan to encroach the habitat of the Florida Panther!

Euphemistically calling this a habitat conservation plan is pure bull, Florida bull, Barron & Collier bull, simply developer bull excrement. This is just another con job by the state of Florida against a real American. The Florida Panther!

Who will benefit from the incidental take of a federally listed species?  Here are their names:

Liesa Priddy, whom Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointed to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in 2012;

Florida Gov. Rick Scott;

Priddy’s JB Ranch;

Two sugar companies, Alico and King Ranch; 

the Half Circle L Ranch;

Pacific Tomato Growers;

English Brothers;

and the Barron Collier Partnership.

and Collier Enterprises.

One of the petitioners is voting for this plan because she owns the land where she wants to cull, kill or putting it nicely… for the incidental take of federally listed species.  Not only does she own this property, she was appointed to the post by Gov. Rick Scott in 2012 just so she could write up a plan to destroy the habitat of the Florida Panther in exchange to build a “new city” in the habitat of the Florida Panther. To authorize the take resulting from the residential and commercial development and earth mining activities.

Isn’t this a conflict of interest Liesa Priddy?

Liesa Priddy considers the Florida Panther a nuisance because she allows the cat to kill her cattle.  Why not build a HUGE wall, one maybe 10 feet high, paid by the Florida Panther with its blood.  Hire a developer who knows how to make money embezzling it from idiots who believe in the Art of the Steal. He surely can convince the poor and ignorant to vote for him in exchange for billions of hectares for their poor children in this new city the Governor of Florida might just call …Panther City, but… since Rick Scott is such a nice guy he might allow the developer to instead name the city after his favorite charity.

Out of her kindness for just “incidentally killing” a few Panthers, she and the others have agreed to leave a portion of the land they take away from the bothersome cat so that it can roam free around fences, walls, buildings, highways, mining pits, and humans.

Are these new humans perhaps refugees from Syria or rich refugees from the clutter of urban life in the United States of America?

So please let the Feds, also known as …  Fish and Wildlife Service before April 25, 2016 … what you think of this idea to allow the Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife to take incidentally a federally listed species off her land for the good and profit of Liesa Priddy, and her ranch and the other rascals who have perhaps lost not a cattle since some of them grow sugar and tomatoes and the others just hide under a name Barron Collier Partnership and Collier Enterprises.

Information on how to submit comments on the conservation plan is available at

Would there be an uproar if we instead allowed the Commissioner and her cronies in this incidental take of federally listed species, to remove all Cubans who support Fidel Castro from Florida?  How about we start with Miami, Florida, Governor Scott?

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Albert Lonzo Adams III insults Canadians — April 12, 2016
Albert Adams aka Albert Lonzo Adams III,is all over social media, soliciting money through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GoFundMe,,, and Amazon Smile. — March 8, 2016

Albert Adams aka Albert Lonzo Adams III,is all over social media, soliciting money through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GoFundMe,,, and Amazon Smile.

Do not donate a dime to this man who has the following credits to his past:

Albert Adams solicited donations for at least two years before registering his charity in Florida.

Albert Adams registered as a Florida charity when he incorporated in 2014.

Albert Adams would have had to disclose three state felony convictions that were less than 10 years old.

One was for obtaining narcotics by calling a pharmacy with fake orders from a doctor’s office. Two others were for identity fraud and credit card fraud.

Albert Adams served time in federal prison.

U.S. District Judge Patricia Fawsett sentenced Albert Adams to 15 months in 2000 for a $49,146 illegal spending spree that caught the attention of the Secret Service.

Albert Adams used stolen credit card numbers to buy electronic devices, including GPS equipment for airplanes, records state.

U.S. District Judge Patricia Fawsett tacked on six extra months in 2003, returning Albert Adams to prison after learning that he turned in false reports of his community service hours.

Again…Do not donate a dime to this man! 

Please read:

TAMPA — Wallets opened when a Tampa pilot’s charity claimed to be answering a request from Make-A-Wish to fly a sick boy named Brian on a mission to rescue shelter pets.

But Make-A-Wish says it never asked and last month told pilot Albert Lonzo Adams III, who has a history of fraud convictions, to stop using its name.

Adams, 45, is top dog at Soaring Paws, a nonprofit that flies stray pets from overcrowded Southern shelters to small rescue groups in cities where the animals are wanted.

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The Trash Not in Tampa Bay — February 8, 2016

The Trash Not in Tampa Bay

Last year on a Saturday morning in September, before the sun rose I left to go fishing at Picnic Beach in Old Tampa Bay.  It was so early I decided to stop on the Courtney Campbell Causeway’s shared path bridge to enjoy a quiet sunrise over Old Tampa Bay.0926050714

After enjoying seeing the rising sun as I walked towards the east, I turned back at the halfway point of the bridge to return to the parking area along the causeway.0926050713

Since I  still had time to kill before meeting my family at the beach, I continued walking along the causeway taking pictures of  all the garbage that was left strewn on the parking spots.  0926050728a

Here are just a few pictures of all the beer, liquor and other garbage people left behind after getting wasted the night before.  All this trash could end up in Tampa Bay if not for the people who work here picking up the mess these uncaring beings leave behind.

And of course some of this garbage is already edging closer to the water.092705082209270508250927050802

Maybe you don’t want to know this but please continue reading A Little Perspective in Sunday’s Tampa Bay Times, 2/7/2016 to see what a few volunteers were able to remove  from the waterways and surrounding areas in and around the Hillsborough River watershed.  Let’s Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful.

And if you click and read the whole section of A Little Perspective you’ll find an interesting statistic about the sex lives of those who support Donald Trump.


A Little Perspective

16,720 pounds of trash not in Tampa Bay

It starts with a bottle cap picked up from the side of the road. It continues with a plastic bag fished out of a drain pipe. And it dramatically improves Tampa Bay, the body of water that gives identity to our region.

Last month, 302 volunteers removed 16,720 pounds of trash from our waterways and surrounding areas in and around the Hillsborough River watershed. The Trash Free Waters Partnership is part of a national effort by the EPA to bring together public, private and nonprofits to keep our waterways clean. Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful (one of us — Debbie — is executive director) and Nestle Waters North America (the other of us — Kent — is the natural resource manager) were glad to be able to lead this effort. This year, the cleanup took a pre-emptive approach, removing land-based litter at the source — in and around the conduits that feed into the Hillsborough River.

That cigarette butt on the ground may seem small, but consider:

• 80 percent of marine debris comes from land-based sources. 

• Every little item makes a difference. 900 yards of fishing line was recovered at the 2015 Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Hillsborough River & Coastal Cleanup, according to a University of Florida study.

• There are an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans, weighing 269,000 tons, according to a study published in the journal PLOS One. 

A healthy Hillsborough River Basin is vital to our quality of life. More than 350,000 Floridians rely on it for their drinking water. All it takes is one big rainstorm to wash all of the garbage on the side of the road into our waterways. But the rain cannot wash away trash that isn’t on the ground.

That small piece of litter on the side of the road may seem inconsequential. But what we as a community decide to do with it is the key to preserving the marine ecosystem that so many of us love and treasure. Pick it up. Put it in the trash or recycling bin.

Kent Koptiuch and Debbie Evenson, special to the Tampa Bay Times

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