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It’s been a while since I last spoke to you. — March 28, 2019

It’s been a while since I last spoke to you.

What has changed in the United States of America?  Nothing much but yet again another commander-in-chief, who did not serve a minute in the military during the Vietnam War.  This must be a new trend where our presidents have managed to avoid going to Vietnam by being given deferments. One for being an only son still enrolled in a university, and the other for being a rich son who suffered from bone spurs in his foot.  Or was he just a flat-footed, deaf and blind enlistee who was rejected for cause?

vanities i am the swoosh donald trump hair
vanities i am the swoosh donald trump hair

The emergent former Soviet Union is still a partner with the United States, in space and in the Middle East.  The North Koreans are still a thorn in our side, but the rulers of both nations really like each other.  The People’s Republic of China, the P.R.C., is not the super power it claims to be.  The United Kingdom struggles to keep herself in the European Union.  Their subjects voted to get out of being part of it and now find themselves wondering why they accepted a narrow vote for doing so.  The French government and the yellow jackets are holding scrum every weekend.  The Italians are still busy trying to keep the water out of Venice; charging you an extra fee just for using their cutlery while keeping you sitting out in the sidewalk with the pigeons and pedestrians; expecting an additional tip from the clueless, who like lemmings always leave a tip.

In the United States after months of investigating those associated with Donald Trump, we are told by a single man that there was no evidence of collusion with the Russians.  Teflon Donnie T has brainwashed all who work for him.  “There was no collusion.”  There was no Billy Bush and a hot mike between them, when talking  “locker room trash.”  The women did enjoy being pinched and grabbed between the legs by a billionaire.  Not one has been successful in bringing this braggart down to earth.  And Billy Bush is gone.

Replacing him in the limelight is Michael Avenatti who has shown himself to be allegedly guilty of being an extortionist.  Nike did not want to play with Avenati.  Avenati was caught trying to force Nike to pay ransom to the sum of millions of billion of dollars.  He’s been accused of blackmailing the Nike Corporation, who claims itself to be benevolently improving the lives of the youth of the slums.


Boeing is building 737 Max 8-9’s that don’t let the pilots fly it.  Eliminate the anti-stalling system.  Using computer updates is not the answer.  Let pilots fly the 737 and fix the hydraulic valve problem in the aft.  This 737 aircraft family has a history of being too cozy with the FAA.  It’s time to separate them for the good of the travelling public


Isn’t is ironic or maybe just coincidence that a man who has represented a zaftic woman against Teflon Donnie T, is now finding himself looking at spending a timeout behind shiny steel bars.  Who could be behind this?  The new Don of the world?

In Dallas,Texas the TexRail from DFW to Fort Worth with stops at Grapevine, and other stations along the new train system is up and running. Free rides for a month were enjoyed by all!  Finally a State that knows how to build for the future.


In Florida…it still keeps growing.  Nothing seems to whither in this state.

In Georgia and North Carolina Jim Crow is still alive.  Elections in N.C. were rigged to stop black candidates from winning.  Re-election will be held in a few more months.


In North and South Carolina…all else is  well.  Savannah and Charleston are still quaint cities and no one knows which one is in the south or which is their favorite.

In New York City, the former Borough President of Queens County, is now running to be the District Attorney.  I guess term limits has forced her out. Unfortunately she didn’t have time to clean up the borough while she was in office. See:

Also the Van Wyck Expressway is worthy of being the mess to avoid, and John F. Kennedy International airport is improving but not succeeding  to impress anyone.

In Albany, the Cuomo’s are still the reigning family and in Staten Island, a family lost its head because of jealousy or just plain idiocy.

In Flushing, Queens the majority is now Asian and in Bayside the same will happen.

In Uniondale, the Coliseum and the Long Island Marriott are still in the way of the seagulls  that pick up the trash left by the fans of the current version of a hockey team.

In Puerto Rico,  and not because of the Teflon Donnie T’s paper towels, the effort to bring back this island nation back to our century is still lagging.  If not for celebrities like Broadway actor, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and chef José Andrés,, and many luminaries and citizens of the mainland of the US,  would this island be abandoned by all its citizens.  Thankfully this island nation’s future will surpass that of Hispaniola.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin is still revered by all.  He runs unopposed by anyone of his party.  Doesn’t this sound like the Teflon Donnie T of America?  Crimea, the land he took back from Ukraine in a “democratic referendum” is now being fully intergrated into Putin’s Russia, who is defending the “referendum as complying with the principle of self-determination of peoples.[54][55] In July 2015, Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Crimea had been fully integrated into Russia.[56]” Hope they’re happy with their choice of returning to the motherland.

In the UK, Theresa May agrees to to quit of Brexit Deal passes in the U.K. Parliament.

I don’t know much about what these crazy English are doing anymore.

Read the following link to get a better picture.

Okay?  I think I need to return back to my present hometown.  The Pinellas Trail is empty of cyclists,  pedestrians, and mountains.  I have not done any serious road training for the next Tour de France.  My tennis elbow is missing me and so will Roland Garros if the French government doesn’t squash the yellow jackets soon.





Raid on the Sun by Roger W. Claire — November 26, 2013

Raid on the Sun by Roger W. Claire

What are the odds that Israel will  put its foot down and prevent the Iranian nation from continuing to develop their nuclear program?  They were able to accomplish that feat against Iraq.  Does Israel have another option?  The Israelis will have to handle the Iranian nuclear problem.  My hope is that this does not start the  third World War.


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Matryoshka – Matryoshka –Matrioșca — November 6, 2013

Matryoshka – Matryoshka –Matrioșca


Matryoshka – Matryoshka –Matrioșca.

In your poor composition live a billion people
In your soul lives dozens, perhaps hundreds of souls
The Ego in the mirror shows you in …solitude
rotate your eye inside
listen to every inch of your body
Now,  understand that you’re not you
the smallest of all souls
that makes your ego Matryoshka
sees the sun first of you
to you remains only the shell of the mirror that feeds you
now, you know, loneliness is a state just of surface

valeriu dg barbu

Women Seeking an Abortion in Texas must be Subjected to Cruel and Unusual Punishment — January 28, 2012

Women Seeking an Abortion in Texas must be Subjected to Cruel and Unusual Punishment

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Texas law that requires women seeking an abortion to have a sonogram exam and to listen to a physician’s detailed description of the fetus, including whether it has developed limbs or internal organs. All this is to discourage them from undergoing the procedure.
I find this practice to be an extremely cruel treatment of a woman who has made, what I can only imagine is a very difficult decision. Most women I believe, come to this decision, with a heavy heart. To subject them to listen and view the creature to be killed, only makes abortion more unappealable.

I recorded last week on WLNY a documentary on abortion. This is probably the most direct and cold way to describe abortion. Their gruesome presentation lasted about 20 minutes. I couldn’t believe that I was actually being convinced that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned.

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Raid on the Sun by Roger W. Claire — January 27, 2012

Raid on the Sun by Roger W. Claire

“This is no ordinary mission. You all read the Bible. You know the history of our people. Our people have overcome the agony of the holocaust. We’ve survived wars in 1948, 1956, 1967, the War of Attrition in 1970, and the Yum Kippur War. And mow we are faced with the greatest threat in the long history of Israel—annihilation and destruction of our country with atomic bombs by a madman terrorist who cares nothing for human life.  We must not allow him to achieve the ability to build the bomb that could destroy us.  That’s what this mission this afternoon is all about.  Protecting our country.  The future of Israel rests on your skill and ability to destroy that nuclear reactor.  You must be successful—or we as a people are doomed.  This is a pivotal point in the history of Israel.  If we are to live by the sword, let us see that it’s kept strong in the hand rather than at our throat.”  Chief of Staff General Raful Eitan who had just lost a son, was addressing the soldiers who were going on a mission, on Sunday, June 7, 1981 to destroy the nuclear reactor in Al-Tuwaitha, IRAQ

One of the pilots on this successful mission later died when the space shuttle Columbia broke over the vastness of Texas as it reentered the atmosphere.  Ilan Ramon was the mission’s youngest pilot and first Israeli Astronaut.

The irony of this story is that Israel is now concerned about the vulnerability of its nuclear reactor.  They are considering deactivating the reactor to prevent an attack that would contaminate a vast amount of land if it happens to be a successful attack.


You Might Perhaps Be Wondering Where I’ve Been Since — December 27, 2011

You Might Perhaps Be Wondering Where I’ve Been Since

my last post or perhaps you haven’t noticed my absence.  Just in case you were wondering I ‘ll give you a quick update of what I’ve been up to.  I’ll start with the trip to Texas that included a high school playoff game between Southlake Carroll and Dallas Skyline High School.  A game that turned around in the final 2 minutes and 7 seconds with a victory for Southlake Carroll.

I had planned to stay till the following Saturday to see the final game being played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas but I had to return to New York on Thursday.

I spent some time trying to fix a problem with the Honda Accord.  I’m still not convinced that I didn’t purchase a lemon from the Honda Corporation.

On Saturday I could have traveled to Texas, but I was really too tired to fly 4 hours.  I was going to settle in and watch it on cable.  But alas, this year the game wasn’t being transmitted on Time Warner Cable in New York.

After looking for a while online and with an assist from Twitter, I found  an internet radio station from Houston, TX that was doing the play-by-play live.  They were rooting for the team from Fort Bend and that made it more interesting to me.  Needless to say the quarterback  lead the Dragons to a 36-29 victory over Fort Bend Hightower that Saturday in the Class 5A Division I championship at Cowboys Stadium.

Like almost everyone else I went to work on Tuesday.  There’s nothing interesting to tell about my work that week.  Maybe one day I’ll relate a good story about my work life.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the trip to Harlem where I met my friends from Denmark and Germany, to eat soul food at Amy Ruth’s and then a quick bus ride to 125th to visit the Lenox Lounge, a historic Jazz Club to have some drinks.  One of the waitresses confused me with one of the performers when I asked her for the key.  She had seen me in the Zebra Room walking around and assumed I was a jazz artist asking for the keys to the dressing room.  All I wanted was the keys to the bathroom.  She told me to use the ladies since it was empty but I told her I didn’t want to mess it up for the ladies.   “Are you kidding?”  she said.   “The lady’s room is messier than the men’s room at all times,”  she continued.   “Really?” I replied incredulously.  I guess their aim isn’t as good as the men’s.

Today, I have been in New York for 3 hours since my trip back from visiting paradise.  I had my hair cut by the first chair barber who still uses a blade to shave the back of the neck.  My hair had grown so much since the last haircut in Forest Hills, NY that waitresses were confusing me for an artist.  I do play the trumpet but not anymore in any band.

These are the best months to visit this state.  Florida is so nice when the temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Hillside Honda where they will tell me nothing is wrong with the car.  They will tell me to drive this lemon more often so that it doesn’t die.  I’ve never owned a vehicle that has had that many battery replacements.  While I kill time writing this, I have been watching Milla Jovaovich in UltraViolet, The Blood War is On, (Unrated Extended Cut).  Right now I have paused the movie because I haven’t been paying too much attention to it while I talk to you.

Oh, I’ve been meaning to ask why do so many people still find Anthony Weiner’s penis and Lady Gaga’s nipples so interesting.  That seems to be the post that has generated the most views in 2011.  Perhaps if I started to post celebrities in distress or undress might this website/blog go viral?

O.K. so much for this diatribe, I will return later with a re-blog of a funny post I found in Tumblr.  I know I’ve seen this one before but I haven’t ever posted it online for my guests to see.

Now I will pay more attention to Torrey, a tuxedo who keeps interrupting this post.  He’s back again.

Southlake Carroll Dragons…2011 Division I Texas High School Champions — December 18, 2011

Southlake Carroll Dragons…2011 Division I Texas High School Champions

Southlake Carroll Dragons 2011 Texas Division I High School Football Champions
We are the Champions!

IMG_4989, a photo by nyc.nycon Flickr.

Southlake Carroll wins record-tying eighth state title

By Jarret Johnson

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