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Raid on the Sun by Roger W. Claire — November 26, 2013

Raid on the Sun by Roger W. Claire

What are the odds that Israel will  put its foot down and prevent the Iranian nation from continuing to develop their nuclear program?  They were able to accomplish that feat against Iraq.  Does Israel have another option?  The Israelis will have to handle the Iranian nuclear problem.  My hope is that this does not start the  third World War.


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Matryoshka – Matryoshka –Matrioșca — November 6, 2013

Matryoshka – Matryoshka –Matrioșca


Matryoshka – Matryoshka –Matrioșca.

In your poor composition live a billion people
In your soul lives dozens, perhaps hundreds of souls
The Ego in the mirror shows you in …solitude
rotate your eye inside
listen to every inch of your body
Now,  understand that you’re not you
the smallest of all souls
that makes your ego Matryoshka
sees the sun first of you
to you remains only the shell of the mirror that feeds you
now, you know, loneliness is a state just of surface

valeriu dg barbu

Women Seeking an Abortion in Texas must be Subjected to Cruel and Unusual Punishment — January 28, 2012

Women Seeking an Abortion in Texas must be Subjected to Cruel and Unusual Punishment

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Texas law that requires women seeking an abortion to have a sonogram exam and to listen to a physician’s detailed description of the fetus, including whether it has developed limbs or internal organs. All this is to discourage them from undergoing the procedure.
I find this practice to be an extremely cruel treatment of a woman who has made, what I can only imagine is a very difficult decision. Most women I believe, come to this decision, with a heavy heart. To subject them to listen and view the creature to be killed, only makes abortion more unappealable.

I recorded last week on WLNY a documentary on abortion. This is probably the most direct and cold way to describe abortion. Their gruesome presentation lasted about 20 minutes. I couldn’t believe that I was actually being convinced that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned.

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