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Yolocausto. La lección de un artista judío a los turistas maleducados — February 15, 2017

Yolocausto. La lección de un artista judío a los turistas maleducados


Do not read the following article.  You might be offended by either the actions of the tourists or that of the artist.  This article contains photographs that are shocking.


La lección de un artista judío a los turistas maleducados

El proyecto del artista y cómico israelí Shahak Shapira ridiculiza con montajes la falta de respeto de los turistas que visitan el monumento a las víctimas del Holocausto de Berlín y hacen fotos inapropiadas para la memoria de 6 millones de muertos.

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Where’s the new city in Florida? There’s one being planned for.. refugees? The human refugees that is, because the Big Cats are not wanted. — February 9, 2017
Tweet from hector f. cadena (@nycnyc) — January 12, 2014
Rebecca Jarvis: an explanation — November 21, 2013

Rebecca Jarvis: an explanation

Finally an explanation without any din from those in the Senate and Congress!

The most helpful site I’ve found explaining ACA, what it means for you: … More resources here: …


I Stayed Away From Fajardo on This Trip —

I Stayed Away From Fajardo on This Trip


Mystery of the black lagoon: Scientists left baffled after famous Puerto Rican water that usually glows plunges into darkness

  • Fajardo lagoon usually glows when organisms in the water are disturbed
  • For the past nine days the water in the lagoon has remained dark
  • Biologists don’t know why it’s stopped glowing and are investigating
  • Nearby construction work, or bad weather could be to blame


PUBLISHED: 10:21 EST, 20 November 2013 | UPDATED: 11:03 EST, 20 November 2013

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Try doing this to the Koran if you really… — November 2, 2013

Try doing this to the Koran if you really…

But if you really want to plumb the limits of secular aesthetics. Try doing this to the Koran.

Statue of Brecht outside the Berliner Ensemble...
Statue of Brecht outside the Berliner Ensemble’s theatre in Berlin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adam Broombery and Oliver Chanarin have overprinted the scriptures with photos of conflict, trickery, love, death, and perversion, not so much subverting the book as laying it bare.  The pair was inspired by a Bible of Bertolt Brecht’s, which he had filled with notes and collaged newspaper photos.  The troublemaking genius dedicated to exposing theatrical artifice to audience was also “so suspicious of press images that he referred to them as hieroglyphics in need of deciphering or decoding”

Broombery and Chanarin emphasize this ongoing dilemma through their use of unlabeled pictures culled from London’s Archine of Modern Conflict.

Read more:  Do not click below to see  photos of conflict, trickery, love, death, and perversion

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Who would think that The NewYork Times SundayBusiness section on Sept. 22, 2013 would be a tutorial on intimacy on the web, with a crowd.
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Intimacy on the Web, With a Crowd


Pornography by webcam is a money-making opportunity in a business eroded by the distribution of free sexual content on the Internet.

Copyright 2013 | The New York Times Company | 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018

Let me introduce you to a 25-YEAR-OLD woman whose fans know her as Lacey or Miss Lollipop, neither her real name. It is 10 a.m. at Lacey’s home office, a three-bedroom rental in New Mexico. She is about to start work.

Lacey is a cam model. She performs one-woman sex shows, captured by a small, inexpensive camera clipped to the top of her laptop, and made available to anyone who visits a Web site called MyFreeCams.

Economic desperation absolutely drives some women to camming. Some use it as a platform for prostitution. And some women, particularly overseas, are forced into it, sex slaves just working in a new medium, said Kathryn Griffin, a former prostitute turned sex-industry recovery coach who works for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston.

Lawrence Walters, a Florida lawyer who is an expert in obscenity law, said that there was nothing inherently illegal about cam shows, as long as the models were over 18.

There is another risk. “There’s a perception that you can be a stealth webcam model,” he says. “That’s not always the case.”

MyFreeCams a kind of digital peep show. registered to Leo Radinsky site measures internet traffic, unit of Kantar Media
Douglas Richter, ex-executive consultant with LiveJasmin
LiveJasmin,one of the most visited cam sites,based in Luxembourgh
Steven Hirsch, co- cahaiman of Vivid Entertainment
Vivid Entertainment, a prominent pornographic movie studio
Alexa, Amazon owned, measures Internet traffic
Alec Helmy, publisher of Xbiz, a sex trade journal
John Sander, v.p. for marketing at Kink
Kink,a pornography co. Based in San Francisco, in an old military armory
Kathryn Griffin,former prostitute, turned sex-industry recovery coach, wrks for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston
Sienna Baskin, co-director of the Urban Justice Center’s Sex Workers Project
Kari Lerum, sociologist at the University of Washington, Bothell. Studies the sex industries
Lawrence Walters, a Florida lawyer, expert in obscenity law
Lacey aka Miss Lollipop and Serena Blair


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