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March 1938, Germany under the influence of Adolf Hitler annexed Austria. Will history repeat itself? March 2014, Russia under the influence of Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea? — March 18, 2014

March 1938, Germany under the influence of Adolf Hitler annexed Austria. Will history repeat itself? March 2014, Russia under the influence of Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea?

March 12, 1938: Annexation Austrian-Style

By Marion Kraske

When the Nazis marched into Austrian on March 12, 1938, hundreds of thousands of Austrians turned out to welcome them. But after the war, the country preferred to see itself as just another of Hitler’s victims.

Suddenly, events began moving in fast-forward: It was 10 minutes to eight in the evening, March 11, 1938, when Austrian chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg took to the radio to address his people. He bade them farewell with portentous words:

“God protect Austria.”


I don’t understand the lack of decisiveness on the part of the European nations that will soon have Vladimir Putin annexing all of its former lands under the pretext of protecting the disenchanted former Russian citizens who think this leader, is their savior.

May God protect Ukraine… because it doesn’t seem as if anyone is going to come to the aid of the people of Ukraine.

Russian Television Anchor Quits on Live Broadcast — March 7, 2014

Russian Television Anchor Quits on Live Broadcast

Stating ethical and moral challenges, a news anchor born in the United States of America, grand-daughter of Hungarian immigrants who fled Hungary during the Soviet invasion announced her resignation on air. With a noticeable trembling voice she stated, “I cannot be part of network funded by the Russian government that white-washes the actions of Vladimir Putin.”

Her actions are commendable but this still leaves me with a sour taste. Aren’t all the network stations funded by someone who wants only their point of view known?

Who is really fair and balanced?

What’s Behind The Violence in Venezuela — March 6, 2014

What’s Behind The Violence in Venezuela

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What’s Behind The Violence in Venezuela


The depth of Venezuela’s current troubles is only now reaching international headlines, yet it’s been 3 weeks since protests started, showing little sign of abating. The country, increasingly unstable, seems to have reached a tipping point

Now that the worst of the crisis in Ukraine seems to have (hopefully) passed, the situation in Venezuela might be somewhat of a head-scratcher for the uninitiated. This primer should bring you up to date on the essential moving parts of the political and social earthquake rocking the country with the largest oil reserves in the Western hemisphere.

or click on this link to read Buzz Feed.

“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” — March 5, 2014

“You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

According to George Will, Lev Davidovich Bronstein supposedly said this while living in The Bronx.  Mr. Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky was a Russian Marxist, intellectual, and revolutionary. In the early Soviet Union, he founded the Politburo, served as People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs, and created and led the Red Army. After Lenin’s death, Trotsky was exiled for his opposition to Joseph Stalin‘s policies. His 1940 assassination in Mexico was allegedly carried out by a Soviet agent at Stalin’s behest.

Putin attacks ‘foreign meddlers’ 26 April 2007 .

I will recall once more Russia’s most recent history.  Above all, we should acknowledge that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical disaster of the century. As for the Russian nation, it became a genuine drama. Tens of millions of our co-citizens and compatriots found themselves outside Russian territory. Moreover, the epidemic of disintegration infected Russia itself.  Individual savings were depreciated, and old ideals destroyed.  Many institutions were disbanded or reformed carelessly.  Terrorist intervention and the Khasavyurt capitulation that followed damaged the country’s integrity.  Oligarchic groups — possessing absolute control over information channels — served exclusively their own corporate interests.  Mass poverty began to be seen as the norm.  And all this was happening against the backdrop of a dramatic economic downturn, unstable finances, and the paralysis of the social sphere. Many thought or seemed to think at the time that our young democracy was not a continuation of Russian statehood, but its ultimate collapse, the prolonged agony of the Soviet system. But they were mistaken. That was precisely the period when the significant developments took place in Russia. Our society was generating not only the energy of self-preservation, but also the will for a new and free life.

Thus we have in this corner, a little man wielding a big military to compensate for his hatred of homosexuals.  And in the other corner we have the craven countries of Europe who would prefer to give Crimea to Russia than to fight another war on their soil.  And to complete the trifecta we have Barack Obama, John Kerry and many Republicans and Democrats, using words and economic threats to try to force the Red Army to take steps back into the lands they barely control.

The UN Charter endorses the right of self-determination of all.  This self-determination of course is being influenced by all sides interested in creating conflict.

And I watch the scenes from the comfort of my well heated home in the United States of America, from oil bought from foreign lands.  My naive hope is that they all shake hands and exchange wives and concubines with each other.  There’s nothing uglier than watching relatives fight each other.  Since 1949, I’ve been waiting for a solution to a tricky problem created by the English and other nations in the Middle East.

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