to support a project that the concerned citizens of Tarpon Springs opposed. She rose to state: “You put a park out there, you’re going to have drug addicts, prostitution, homeless people. That’s what’s going to happen in these parks. Read the magazine Trend, all of you. Read what’s happening all over Florida in Florida’s State magazine. All over the United States! This country has a problem, Don’t make problems in Tarpon Springs. Keep the bloodline coming!

She then predicted the future of traffic in Tarpon Springs on that corridor, which is what the opposition to this project had stated earlier. US 19 North is a very wide road, 4-5 lanes going north and south, divided mostly by grass or islands of concrete where drivers are allowed to make U-turns. When a U-turn island proves to be a “problem,” it is because of the many accidents that happened in those intersections. People are injured or killed when cars are T-boned on US 19. These U-turn islands are subsequently eliminated to prevent future deaths at those spots.

There used to be a U-turn by the Honda dealer on the south side of US 19 that was closed just for that reason. Ironically this spot is not too far from where the Morgan Group has been given a green light to continue its plan to destroy an undisturbed plot of land filled with trees, Brazilian Pepper trees. “There’s (sic) going to be accidents on US 19.” predicted the Sage of Tarpon Springs, a former mayor of the city of Tarpon Springs. Yes Anita Protos bring the blood line to US 19. Let’s see how many motorists are going to leave a blood trail at that project.

What irked me the most of her statement was the undertone of racism in her support for the ANCLOTE HARBOR PROJECT. I’ve recently been up north on a road trip to New Hampshire that lasted roughly six weeks. I did not see any prostitution in NH, no drugs in CT, no homeless in NYS parks. The same I can say about the other states I covered. GA, WV, PA, NJ, NC, SC, FL, VA.

In fact I would like to invite her to the Rockerfeller State Park Perserve, or any other state park in Florida. I’ve yet to be propositioned by a prostitute. I’ve seen many people and none of them looked like prostitutes or drug addicts or homeless. Where have you been Anita Protos?

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Anita Protos has a habit of speaking in support of many resolutions.

Early in the morning on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 she walked towards the podium to brag about not being tired to say she was speaking in support of another stellar company.